Twelve o'clock midnight.

Everyone besides me and Esme are asleep.I should be sleeping, but I can't. I'm just curled into a ball at the end of the mattress. Leaning against the side door. I think about everything that's happened in the last couple days. I'm not even sure how many days I've been missing. I wasn't even sure of the date. A lot as happened since the carnival. It's over frying my brain.

The car hit a bump and tattoos fall out of a plastic dollarama bag. I crawl over too it, quietly. They're is a few girl tattoos .I take a pack and search over them in the faint light. I can make out one of white-blue angle wings. Something about it reminds me of Kaya, and I have the sudden urge to keep the tattoo with me, anything to keep my sister with me. I cut it out and wet a paper towel, I lift up my blonde wavy hair and slap the tattoo on. The tattoo wouldn't be able to be seen by anyone, but I would know it was there.

I crawl back to my tiny spot on the mattress. A sound escapes Jaxon and he lifts his head.

"You're still up?" His words slur from tiredness

"Yeah." I responded

"How come?" His sleepy voice is really cute

I did not just think that, did I?

My eyes widened and I looked away from him. Now was not the time to be thinking about how cute a guy was. This was a time for anything but that.

"Just can't sleep."

"Wanna talk about it?"

Why was he being so nice? And cute.

Stop it,Amber. I chided myself

"I'm fine, it's no big deal."

He looked me over, thank god it was dark in the back of the van. No way could he catch me blushing.

"You look a little cold, where's you're sleeping bag?"

"I gave it to Sam, she was literally frozen." I mumbled

"Here, take mine. I'm boiling." He passed me his sleeping bag

I gratefully wrap it around me, I had to admit, I was pretty cold. But Jaxon's sleeping bag was burning.

"Jeez! Your blanket is hot! Come here." He had a struggle sitting up because of his arm

I touched his forehead and jerked my hand back instantly. Jaxon's head was blazing!

"Holy crap! Your head is on fire! You've got to have a major fever, I'm waking up Jazz."

I leaned across him and shook Jazz's shoulder. Her eyes snapped open, on high alert.

"Chill, everything's fine." Jaxon whispered

"Except for your brother. Feel his forehead." I scurried over to the towels we stole from the motel and used a water bottle to wet a face cloth.

"Damn. Jax, lie down." Jazz ordered

"I feel fine, just a little hot, that's all." Jaxon says back

"Don't argue with her." I tell him

He didn't say anything else, but he did listen to Jazz and lied down. I couldn't help but feel a tad bit superior. Jazz took a water bottle out, cracked open the lid and takes a swig, then made Jaxon take a few gulps, she offered some to me. I declined. Jaxon adjusts his pillow to keep his head propped up. I push his hair from his forehead and place the wet cloth on it.

He let out a small sigh when the cold cloth touched his skin. Jazz pulled a thermometer from the first aid kit and stuck it in Jaxon's mouth. He tried to spit it out.

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