.: Chapter One :.

What Are Best Friends For

PS this is my FIRST Fan Fiction


Ashleys POV :

WOOOT! I can't wait for school to be over! I'm just tired of this whole year with the ups and downs. Theres two more weeks of school left and then its summer timeee ! I can't wait, Ricardo and I get to go to the beach and do whatever we want! I've been having so many problems at home with my dad lately so I stay away from him as much as I can now. I think hes starting to notice, naah probably not. Man sometimes i just wish my mom was here, he doesn't understand what i go thru.

" Hello? Ashley!?! "

oops I guess I got to caught up in my thoughts

" Sorry Ricardo, i was just thinking about things at home... "

Ricardo : Its okay. I know its rough but i'll get you thru it, I promise (: !

Now lets go met up with Jc and go get some ice cream !

This is the thing I love about having him as my best friend, He always knows whats up with me. I guess thats what we deserve from each other, I mean we've been best friends since kindergarden! I never really had any true girlfriends because the girls in my area don't like me because I hang out with guys and asume I'm a slut. Exactly why I don't hang out with those girls, they think they know everything when they really don't, whatever. Everytime we hang out with Jc it's so awesome! Hes really funny too. It sucks that he is home schooled but we still get to hang out with him on the weekends. Ugh I forgot that we do YouNow chats with him on friday... And of course its friday. DAMN IT. I just don't really like doing the chats because there alway like "You and Jc should date ! " " OMG is that your girlfriend ! " Then it gets awkward after because I do like him a little bit but I don't want to go out with him because then it will make it awkward for Ricardo. Whatever, I want to be single this summer anyways.

*10 minutes pass in my thought*

Ricardo : Ashleyyy !!!

Me : Yeesss ?

Ricardo : You think to much.

Me : Well do you want me do to be your bimbo best friend Mr. Rico ?

*we started laughing*

Ricardo : hey missy its RICARDO and no I just want you to you to let go of whats going on right now, we're on our was to go met your lover boy, and then we are going to go have some fun, okay ?

Me : Okay & hes NOT my lover boy!

Ricardo : Come on Ash ! You've told me you think hes cute and amazing !!

Me : Yeah I know ! But I want to be single this summer !! Not like last summer.

*he rolled his eyes*

Ricardo : Hmm Okay Then.

Last summer I had a boyfriend named Ryan and I wasn't even allowed to do anything because he thought I would cheat on him. He wouldn't even let me hang out with Ricardo. One day Ricardo was over and he called me and he got so mad, but I didn't care. You can't tell me what to do like I'm your pet, and he didn't even make an effort to see me. I don't even know why he got mad if he didn't want to see me either. Anyways little did I know he was the one who was cheating on me. I didn't even know till after we broke up. I couldn't do anything about it after though. He made me feel so insecure, like im not good enough for anyone. Thats what cheating does to your mind.

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