Chapter 3: My Fairy Godmother

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“I told them that without reason they weren’t aloud to do that so until things are cleared up, nothing’s going to be done.”

“So what now then?” Aryanna said, her voice getting higher with each word from anger. “Are we just going to sit here and wait until they actually force us out of our house?! Mom, that’s not going to happen!”

Ashton coughed which made the two ladies look at him. “I could see what is going on but I can’t promise anything to you. Don’t worry,” he said and looked at Aryanna. “I’ll take care of this.”


“So,” Angel said. “They’re really taking away your house?” She was with Aryanna in her room. After Ashton had left Aryanna’s house, she went straight to Angel to tell her the news. Angel was sitting down on a chair flipping through a random magazine while she listened to Aryanna’s story.

“Nothing’s official but most likely,” Aryanna replied. “It just doesn’t make any sense! We paid every single bill, none were late, and…I just don’t get it!” She let out a long sigh and plopped onto Angel’s bed. Angel looked at her.

“What’s the name of the company that wants to sell your house?”

“Umm…Oh! Montgomery and Co. Why?” Angel immediately looked up at Aryanna, eyes wide. Aryanna looked back at her quite confused. Quickly, Angel opened her drawer - very loudly - and pulled out a book. Aryanna raised her eyebrow but just stayed on the bed.

“What?” Aryanna asked. “What are you doing?”

“Shh,” Angel said. “Why does Ashton think you’re Cinderella again?” Angel still continued flipping quickly through whatever book she was looking at.

“He saw me with the glass slipper…you were there.”

“And what else?”

“My blue eyes supposedly.”

“What did Cinderella look like at the ball?”

“…Black hair and blue eyes. Wait, where are you going with this?”

“Maybe Cinderella is ready to take back her prince charming.” Aryanna stared at her in disbelief.

“You think Cinderella did this?” Angel snorted.

 “It’s pretty obvious. I mean, the company has no reason why they’re taking your house away.”

Aryanna still couldn’t believe it. “But what does she have to do with the company?”

“Did you see her dress at the ball? It was custom made. I’ve never seen anything like it and I’ve seen every dress they have in Riverside so she must me really rich to have a custom made dress.”

“She could have bought it online…”

“Impossible!” Angel said and quit flipping through the book to look at Aryanna. “The ball wasn’t announced until 2 days before. Even if she did express shipping, it wouldn’t have gotten here on time. So here’s what we know. She has black hair, blue eyes, size 7 shoes, is rich, and has connections to Montgomery and Co…..wait…” Angel looked at Aryanna, her eyes wide. “No freaking way.”

“What?” Aryanna asked. Angel quickly flipped to a certain page and showed the back to Aryanna. It was their yearbook from last year. Aryanna still was confused.

“Who has black hair in our school?” Angel asked.

“A lot of people, silly. Like more than half of the school,” Aryanna half-joked.

“With blue eyes?” Aryanna ruled out more than half of the people on her list. “What about size 7 shoes?” Aryanna frowned at Angel.

“I don’t look at people’s feet!” Aryanna said.

“Okay,” Angel replied chuckling a little. “Then what about rich?” There were only about 5 people on Aryanna’s mind left. “Now, the ones that are female because I’m sure you added males on your list.” Aryanna laughed at how well her friend knew her. There were only two people left.

“Now tell me the names…the full names and think which one would have connections to Montgomery and Co,” Angel said.

“Adeline Montgomery and…wait,” Aryanna said, it finally hitting her. “Oh my God! It’s Adeline! Adeline’s Cinderella!”

Angel frowned and replied, “Took you long enough.”

“That little…” Aryanna said, a billion words finishing her sentence. All were very unpleasant. “I’m going to tell her off!”

Angel smirked. “Why tell her off when we can do something even better? I say we give Adeline the sweet taste of revenge.”

“Perfect idea,” Aryanna whispered. “We need a plan.”

“One brilliant plan coming right up!” Angel said laughing. “Bibbity, bobbity, boo!”

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