“C’mon!” Ashton yelled. “Don’t lie to me!”

Aryanna looked at him and frowned. “I’m not lying! I don’t have a fairy godmother. That’s just messed up.” They were walking down the sidewalk, Ashton bringing Aryanna to her home. Ever since he found out she was Cinderella, he picked her up and dropped her off.

“That’s a lie!” Ashton shrieked. “I am determined to find out who your fairy godmother is.” He pulled out a book from his backpack and began flipping through it.

Being the curious person she was, Aryanna tilted her head to see what book Ashton was so interested in. He had been reading that exact same book every day for the past week. Cinderella: The Facts, the title read. It had a girl with a big puffy blue dress, running away from her prince and her glass slipper.

“Really Ashton?” Aryanna asked. “Really? I’m not Cinderella!”

Ashton snorted. “Yeah, and I’m a secretly a pig dressed as a human.”

“Well, that’s actually believable….” Ashton frowned, making Aryanna laugh. “I was just kidding!” Seeing her house in view, Aryanna noticed something. A sign posted up on her lawn. Sensing something was wrong, she began to run to her house.

“Aryanna?” Ashton asked watching her run. “Aryanna! Wait!” Then he ran as well. Catching up to her, between breaths he said, “W-w-what’s…w-w-wrong?” Following Aryanna’s gaze he gave a barely audible, “Oh…”

On the perfect green grass of Aryanna’s house the sign read For Sale. Montgomery and Co. Completely furious, Aryanna pulled out the sign and threw it to the ground. She started stomping on it and ran inside her house.

Ashton sighed and opened the door walking in. He walked into the living room where he heard Aryanna screaming. The walls were beige with pictures hung up everywhere of Aryanna and boys who Ashton guessed were her stepbrothers. There was no table just two white couches and a TV. One couch had a picture of the whole family (the father, stepmother, stepbrothers, and Aryanna) above it. There was a rug on the wooden floor that was beige like the walls.

 “What the heck is this?!” Aryanna yelled. “We paid every single bill we got! Mother! I need to talk to you! Mom!” Ashton stood, silently watching Aryanna as her eyes busted with fury. A minute later, Aryanna’s stepmother walked in, clearly confused.

“Aryanna?” she asked. Aryanna turned to her.

“Did you see that sign outside?” Aryanna stated trying to keep her cool. “Why are they selling our house?!” Based on the look Elena gave her, she was just as confused as Aryanna.

“I didn’t see a sign when I went out this morning,” Elena said. “I’ll call the company. There must be some mistake.” Then with that, Elena was gone leaving Aryanna and Ashton alone. Sighing, Aryanna fell onto the couch under the picture and covered her face with her hands. Ashton, attempting to comfort her, sat down next to her and rubbed her back in a calming way.

“It’s going to be okay,” Ashton said, smiling down at her. “I just know it.” Aryanna looked at him and saw that he was sincere. She gave him a small smile.

“Thanks,” she replied looking down at her feet. “Ashton, I’ve told you so many times already but you know I’m not Cinderella, right?”

Ashton chucked and answered, “The more you say that the less I’m going to believe it.” They sat in silence until Elena entered the living room once again. Both Ashton and Aryanna stood up from the white couch, waiting to hear the news.

“They said that the sign was true but they didn’t give me a reason why,” Elena said.

“What did you say to them?” Aryanna asked.

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