The Demented

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The Demented

Do not anguish about deleting,

Those wronging out of your life,

Especially when they’ve caused,

Such heartbreaking bitter strife.

Throwing sharp stones of hate,

Following words of great pain,

Should make them see inwards,

At those idiotic actions, insane.

Words I heard are not positive,

Loving, and are just not caring,

Rehashing fuss that takes sides,

Cuts into love we were sharing.

Oblivious to a dying friendship,

Pretty much doing it to yourself,  

You’ve put hate at the forefront,

Manipulated charm out of thyself.

Thanks for the incredible stress,

Rendering out unnecessary tears,

You crave tantrums forked road,

Falling dimmer on deafening ears.

Tussling nonsensical insecurities,

You forgot a partnership of years,

Ground in delusions of grandeur,

Where the inept quality adheres.

I will not distress under intensity,

Or forgo this callous indifference,

I express trustworthy knowledge,

That pampered our transcendence.

My loyal love belittled at your side,

Intense squabbles became a norm,

A petty deprave did take a mindset,

Wrought deceptions you’d perform.

Change dictates a hopeful growth,

Encircled by that smarting fissure,

Disposed of sentiment temporarily,

To squat on my redeemed seizure.

Tomorrow is my day of contentment,

Shadows only have golden sunshine,

An impending joyousness awaits true,

Not sidelined by attainments incline.

I’ll seize on marvellous days again,

Delve in imaginary concrete dreams,  

Rolling over life’s bumpy confusions,

Rejuvenating as life sparkles extreme. 

by Quilled_Penman©Glen King

~Author's Note: This poem is written about a messy marriage break-up, from the woman's point of view. I was dared into writing this, by the woman who was betrayed and cheated on by her husband. She picked up the pieces of her life, with a positive outlook and started over. ;))

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