He what? He was my everything, my first love. I could not function.

"W-what? Wit-with who?"

"Gemma Franklin. I am so sorry babe, I still love you, we were both drunk an-"

"Shut the fuck up. You are a complete ass hole. Have fun in the military bastard."

I stormed out of the hallway and went to my car. I put the key into the ignition, and drove off. I drove down to Cheshire where my long time friend Harry Styles lived. I texted him saying, Jacob's an ass. I'm coming over in 20 minutes. Harry and I have been friends since I was five. He's two years older than me, but I don't care. We never have cared about the age. Our moms are best friends, so we eventually become friends, too. He was in a band now, and they are super popuar. But that doesn't matter. He's still the same Harry. 


Three hours later, after pouring my heart out to Harry, I finally pulled myself together, and stopped crying. I put my chocolate brown hair in a messy bun, and sat with Harry. He was such a good friend. Whenever I needed him he was there. 

"Thanks for listening, Harry. You probably think I'm some freak or something,", I said while laughing. 

"No problem, babe. I already knew you were a freak," he said with that cheeky smile of his. 

We both sat there, our eyes connected. Oh my god. This is not happening. This is the boy who I played in the mud with. No, no, no, no.  He started to lean in, and before I knew it, I was leaning in, too. Next thing you know, our lips are touching, and his fingers are running through my hair. I wasn't sure if I wanted to stop or not. 

We kept kissing for about ten minutes when we heard the front door shut. I forgot that this was his mom's house. We got off of each other and turned on the television before his mom could see anything was going on.

"Oh, hello Charlotte!" Anne said. "I didn't know you were in town!"

"Hello, Anne! It's so great to see you! I wanted to say hi before school started!"

"Mum, Charlotte and I are going to the guest house to catch up, okay? I've missed her," Harry says.

"Sure! No problem!" Anne says. She would never guess that Harry and I would be kissing just moments before she walked through the door. 

As we walked to the guest house, it was all silence. Neither of us knew what had just happened. 


I'm hoping my mother doesn't suspect anything. 

I have no idea what had just happened. I have always loved Char, but she's always been with Jacob. In a way, I was glad she was broken up. It gives me a chance to tell her how I really feel. BUt what if she doesn't feel the same way? 

If she didn't, she wouldn't have kissed me back.

But she could have been so upset, she just wanted someone. 

She was just so beautiful, and I can't understand why I never told her. Her long, dark hair, her beautiful blue eyes, and that gorgeous smile. I remember when she had the braces in the seventh grade. I called her train tracks. I lightly laughed at the memory.

"What are you snickering at?" she asked?

"Oh, nothing. Just remember when you had braces, train tracks?"

"Oh my god, bring that up again, I'll make your death look like an accident"

I laughed. Her smile was so beauiful. And everything about her was too. Even that freckle next to her lip that looks like cake. She's always hated that.

When we got to the guest house, we sat at the couch where the lads and I had sat while writing songs. I turned on the television as she sat next to me and put her head on my shoulder. After a while, we both started dozing off. But then we both suddenly woke up, and noticed the same thing.


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