One Week With One Direction!

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*Ring ring* "Alexis, grab the phone!" shouted Madison.

Alexis gets up and runs to the phone but ha i beat her too it.

"Hello?" I said expecting it to be a telemarketer

"Hello is Kate there?" Said a deep manly voice.

"Uhm this is." I said in a questionable tone.

"Congratulations! You have won the trip too hangout with 1D for a week." Said the deep voice.

At first i thought it was a prank, but then i realized Heidi being the wonderful person she is,  signed me up for this contest a while back.

"Hello? Are you still there?" Said the man.

"Yes! I sure am." I practically yelled at the man on the phone.

"Good, you get 5 plane tickets and two 5 star hotel rooms. But don't get two excited yet, you get to stay there for a week, a whole 7 days. But just wait, you and your 4 guests of your choice get $10,000 to spend on your trip."

"Really! Oh my god! I actually won!." I yell!

"What the hell are you talking about" Yells Madison as she runs out of her bedroom,

"Whats going on?" She keeps yelling over and over.

"HOLD ON!" I yell at her.

"I will e-mail you the rest of the info and tickets. Have a wonderful day Kate." The mans say.

"Thank you so much! This is what i needed to make my day better!" I told the man.

I hang up the phone. I run around the house yelling and screaming until i think in going to faint.

"Madison i won the 1D contest, You, Heidi, Alexis, and I are going to hangout with 1D for a week!!"

all of a sudden i hear Alexis yelling in the bedroom. No wait shes crying, i run into the bed room.

"Why are you crying?" I ask concerned.

"You won! I was listening to your conversation on the phone in here" She said through her tears.

"Why are you crying then" I ask

"Because we get to meet ONE DIRECTION!" She yells.

"Okay that is a pretty good reason to be crying" I tell her.

"When do we tell Heidi?" Asked Madison.

"Uhm, i think we should surprise her, what do you guys think?"

"Great Idea!" Madison and Alexis yell.

"Wait, who is the 5th person going to be?" Asks Alexis.

"I never thought about that, uhm i have no clue. I'll find someone" I say in a questionable tone. I didn't really want anybody else sides us 4 girls, but then it would be a waste of a once and a life time deal. Hm, i'll see.

"Just think. Us four girls get to spend a whole week with the boys of One Direction, i cant imagine whats going to happen."


My first time doing this! Awhh! I'm excited for you guys to figure what all can happen in a week(: Stick around and find out. I will try to update every week or sooner. Please tell me what you think so far. Please no hate, Thank you! Hope you enjoy.


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