You: Hello Nigga.. Corahn Is What..

Doctor: Oh.. Hes Very Sick & May Not Make It

Malik: Fuck You Mean

Doctor: He Has Alcohol Posioning & It Has Damaged His Liver

Ronnie: The Fuckery.. Is He Awake

Doctor: Yeah

You: Can We Go See Him

Doctor: Yeah. He's In Room 246

Yall; Ohkaee

-Ya Slowly Walk To His Room-

You; Ii Feel Bad

Malik: Don't...

-Ya Get To His Room & Walk In-

Ya: Hey 😰

Corahn: -Strains- Hi

You: How Are You

Corahn: Why Do You Care

You: See Malik... Ii Told You

-You Leave The Hospital-

Malik: What's Ya Issue

Corahn: She Is..

Vinny: The Feeling Us Mutal

Corahn: What Chu Mean

Vinny: Her Issue Was Naomi.. But You Didnt Seem To Care.. That Was Her Issue...

Ronnie: Tsk Tsk...

Corahn: Damn.. Ii Didnt Know

Malik: Of Course You Didnt.. Ya Head Was Up Naomi's Ass.. All The Fucking Time...

Ronnie: Ii Hope You Have Aa Nice Life.. Dick Head

-They Leave-

-Your POV-

All Ii Do Is Try To Be Nice... Then It Just Comes Back & Bites Me In The Ass-

-End Of POV-

-Now You Finally Make It Home-

-You Shower, Get Ready For Bed & Find You Clothes For School-

-The Next Morning-

-You Do The Usual Hygine Stuff, Eat Breakfast & Get Ready For School-

-There's A Knock At Your Door-

You: Who

??: Ronnie

??: Vinny

??: Malik

-You Open The Door

Malik; You -GCO- Well Damn

You: Thanks... Lmaoo

Ronnie: C'mon Niggas We Got School

Ya: Truu

-Ya Leave & Get To School-

-Once Ya Get There.... Everyone Is Staring At Ya-

You: What The Staring At

Malik: Ii Dont Know...

-Ya Just Keep Walking & Ya See-

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