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"Home sweet home."
Fuck that.
Jungkook wants to punch whoever said this bullshit with his bloody knuckles .
For him there was nothing called home , only skinny cold walls with an old roof squeezing oxygen out of his lungs , leaving his mind and body numb.
He grew up with a devil and his marionette. The satanic creature would torture him in all way while his doll watch .
Back then he couldn't do anything.
His tiny fist would only raise to declare his defeat , to request some mercy , even for a bit but all those weak pleads were shut with a single kick to his stomach that somehow went to his vocal cord.
He would lay there getting beaten up , insulted , degraded , shamed for god only knows why.
Still , he still breathing , each minutes , his hate for his "father" and "mother" would grow even more , in the worse way ever , this hatred is a burning fire inside his soul , contained , till a certain time...
Now , an eighteen years old rebellious young man , who recently got into high school , walking into the tattoo shop after running away on the first day of education .

"Hello. I am here to get a tattoo."
The man looked up at Jungkook in awe , raising one eyebrow up while holding a not so clean book in his hand .
"Aren't you too young ?"
"Did you ask you parents-"
"I am nothing but a fuckin bastard you know." Jungkook replied with a mocking smirk on his lips while throwing his backpack aside.
"Okay then , which one of these would you like and where?"
He handed him the book he was holding . Jk's fingers carefully traced each design , his eyes marvelling on the details of each . He finally settled on something .
"This one , on both arms and my neck."
"That'll be-" before the man could continue his sentence , Jungkook handed him a stack of money he took from "him" this morning more like stole it .
"More than enough actually."
"Good and keep the rest."


"YOU SHIT!" A screech was heard before a vase went flying toward his head. Luckily for him , he saw it coming and moved aside.
"I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!" His father shouted before walking toward him , anger boiling inside his eyes. Unfortunately for him , Jungkook was quicker than lightening to go to his room .
"OPEN THE DOOR!" His father shouted again , harshly banging on the door but Jk just ignored it.
Few seconds later the banging stopped and Jk heard his father talking to someone . It's probably someone who came to visit his father.
The thing with his father is.
He's a blood thirsty monster when it comes to his family but a total fakeass gentlemen who knows god and support animals rights and every bullshit he pretends to be.
In front if people , he play the victim's role. The role of a hardworking father who had a very bad son and a wife who doesn't care about him.
As stated before.
Jungkook took his backpack and sneaked from the window then went directly toward his bestfriend "Taehyung" house.

"Ya Jk! Where did you go today?"
Taehyung spoke through the phone speaker while looking at his mother whom was glaring at him for not sitting down to eat dinner with her and his father.
"Open your window and I'll tell you."
"You're kidding."
"It's freezing you little shit , hurry up."

"Taehyung where are you going?" His mother asked while placing her fork down , Tae gulped before narrowing his eyes.
"Uh..my room..I forgot ...my pencil."
"Taehyung , come sit with us and forget the pencil."
"....Five minutes eomma , just give me five minutes."

"THE actual fuck Jeon Jungkook?! Tattoos?! You lost your mind?!"
"Cool no?!"
"Your father is going to skin you alive this time."
"I know he will." Jungkook replied before taking out a cigarette from his pocket and placing it between his lips.
"THE FUCK!" Tae literally shouted this time before snatching the cigarette and stepping on it for like ten times.
"You little! This was the last one I have."
"Jungkook...please...You're my bestfriend , I beg you don't do this?"
"God damn Jungkook! Tattoos ?! Smoking?! Are you out of your mind?!...Just..just wait here I'll be back in a few."

Taehyung let out a deep sigh while rubbing his forehead , he came back to dinning room where his family was only to see the maids cleaning the table and taking the dishes to the kitchen.
"Where is my father and mother?"
"They went outside to take a walk in the garden young master ."
"Oh...they didn't wait me."
"Would you like me to ask the chef to prepare you something new master?"
"Uh..no , am fine , thank you. But I need to take these with me."
Tae said before grabbing the untouched plate of eggrolls and the bowl of miso soup with him. Jungkook definitely hasn't eat anything .

"Here , eat up and thank your god because you have me as your friend."
"As if."
"What's the plan now ?"
"Ask me."
"Sleep over?"

Just then a knocking on the door was heard. Taehyung cursed under his breath and ordered Jk to not say a word.
"Taehyung , are you with someone?"
"No ma , it's just me here."
"Whom were you talking to?"
"Jungkook..on the phone! We were discussing our project."
"That bastard again?!.didn't I order you to get away from him! He's just a toxic-"
"Eomma!" Taehyung shouted angrily , feeling completely ashamed , especially when Jk was right behind him and heard everything.
"I'll be leaving now. Stop talking on the phone..just tell him that you want to sleep ."

"I am..so sorry Jungkook."
"No problem man, your mother never liked me. I know it." Jungkook replied with a smile before dropping on the bed and opening his phone to play a game.
"By the way you missed all the fun today." Tae said while smirking , catching his attention.
"What did y'all fuckers do?"
"We made Mr.Choi quit!"
"Two left feet big nose?! No way!"
"Believe it or not! His face...oh my god Jungkook , he was so red , as if he was laying an egg...and just stormed out of our class while cursing then went to the director to inform him about quitting his job...he lost it."
"So we're getting a new toy?"
"A new English teacher you mean?"
"A new English "Toy" to play with for me."

To be continued....

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