Turning Thoughts

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(song----The Story About You Naruto Shippuden ending 3)

Chapter 28 - Turning Thoughts

Same day---noon


Back at my apartment, I noticed how dusty and cramped it was. It hadn't seemed so small when I was little, but now that I was older.....I deffinately needed a change of living space. I was tired though and I hadn't realized how tired until I stopped drawling on the statue's powers.

I went over to my bed and laid down.





This feeling inside my chest. I still couldn't place the word for it as I walked inside the village walls. Luarsha had insisted on coming along with me. She walked in silence to my right, and didn't speak unless I talked to her first.

This time however, she decided to go first.

"Jun, what is it that you want in your life?" She asked me.

"What do I want in my life.....?" I echoed her.

I never had put much thought into it. I'd always just done what my surpiriors had told me to. My father had told me to enter the Academy. Luarsha had lead me on missions. Haramuka had ordered me to enter the Anbu. I had never had a choice of what I wanted to do. That was the sole reason I didn't believe dreams existed.

".....I don't know." I replied after a moment of thought.

"Surely there is one goal in life you'd like to accomplish?" Luarsha insisted."Something that keeps you going when your strength is failing you."

"...I...I've always just done things for the Hosekikage. Her orders are what sustain me. There is no room for failure on a mission." I said, falling upon the words I had been taught when I entered the Anbu.

"That's not what I meant." She frowned."I mean, is there someone in your life that you fight for? Someone you care about and want to protect?" she pressed.

"The Hosekikage....always. I've always fought for her. Protecting the Kage is top priority." I replied.

My mind kept telling me that wasn't who I should protect, but my training kept coming back on me. It was engraved into my mind. The same words that had been repeated over and over.

Luarsha sighed, which broke my thinking for a while. I looked back forward at the road in front of me, trying to focus on it and nothing else.

However, she kept coming back into my mind.



Later in the day---afternoon.

Hosekikage's private office.


"You left Jun alone?" I said, more of a statement than a question.

Luarsha replied me although."He will be fine on his own. But Esunea......Haramuka, I don't know how long I can go on lying to her. She barely trusts me as it is and I don't think I have the strength to look at her face and meet her eyes...."

"Luarsha, you were trained as a Anbu when you were just a girl. Lying to her shouldn't be that much of a deal." I told her."You were even trained by the elder of the Nakamura clan---when she was in her youth---and accepted as a full fledged member. Infultration of the enemy was your specialty. You completed that mission successfully. Why can't you fulfill this one?"

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