Chapter 29 The Enemy Returns

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Byakuya's POV

   I tried getting out of bed. It was hard. Fumiya made me lie down for a day straight, unohana made me get bed rest for 2 days! I mange to finally get my feet to move. I slowly got up, but fell right back down. This sucks, I look weak. Not being able to stand up. 

"Nii-sama!" Rukia said as she was holding a tray with tea and biscutes. she quickly placed it on the small table and made me lie back down. 

"You should still be resting." Rukia said pushing me gently back down. I look at her and gave up. If i continued to persist, she would get Hisana. Now that was a diffrent story. 

"Rukia, can you do me a favor. Can you get Captain Unohana to check Akyoshi. He seems pale to me." I ask her. She nods.

I lie back down and wait for her to leave.

Time to try again.

Rukia's POV

   Nii-sama is getting his strength back quickly, but I still worry about him. Fumiya is still on the loose, and Captain Kurostchi said that the antidote might not work.

I sigh, and go over to Akyoshi's room. 

"Akyoshi, you in there? Let's go to Captain Unohana." I call out to him.

"Okay." He said opening the door. He was dressed in loose pants with a shirt on. His hair was in a loose ponytail, with a Kenshikan to the side.

"I heard from Mom I have to get a checkup. No shots right?" Akyoshi said. 

"No shots." I promised him.

Two hours later Akyoshi was moaning. 

"I thought you said no shots?" He said glaring at me. 

"Don't blame me, blame the Captain." I say cowering under his glare. It reminds me of Nii-sama a lot. 

We got back to the manor.

Byakuya's POV

   So Akyoshi was healthy then, I must have been imagining it then. I watch as they began talking of the Ice festivial tonight. 

"Nii-sama, would you like to come to the festivial with us tonight?" Rukia said as she took away the dishes. 

"No thank you." I said as they were picking out outfits to wear. When they left to the festival i began to pratice standing up.

It sounds stupid, a childish thing. I managed to stand up and walk around the room. Till a knock came from the door.

"May I come in?"  a voice said.

"Come in." I said. Wasn't Hisana and the others at the festivlal?

I watch as the door opened. My eyes widened.

"Hello again, Byakuya Kuchiki!" Fumiya said smirking.

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