Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

When the next practice day came and Karen and Eva arrived to pick Jordy and Lewis up (Ted was in bed with a cold), Lewis was in the car quick as a flash, possibly even quicker! Jordy said, quite tactlessly “He’s been hopping from one foot to the other all morning. I reckon it’s ‘cause, sorry, because he’s excited about seeing the new girl” Eva just sank deeper into her cavern of despair. Jordy and Karen both noticed this, Jordy lowered his eyes and between them they tried to crack a few jokes but no-one was listening so there was really no point. So, they gave up and they sat in silence for a few moments until Lewis suddenly murmured “What did you want to tell me?” to Eva, not taking his eyes from the window. By this point, she was so upset she didn’t even answer but a few moments later she sullenly replied “Oh, I still  can’t remember, it can’t have been that important.” as she had remembered she was supposed to be nice because his mother had only died the week before.

When they got the academy, Lewis scrambled across Jordy and Eva to get out first, Eva decided to jump out and catch Sebastian by the arm and start talking animatedly to him until she saw Natalie at which they both stopped dead and Sebastian’s jaw nearly dropped off. Eva murmured, “Oh God, not you as well” which was said quite loudly although not intended for public. This didn’t matter though, he was deaf to all around him. At this point, Natalie turned and saw Sebastian. He shut his mouth and hers fell open. Natalie had never really liked anyone before because all the boys had fallen in love with heer before she’d even spoken so she knew they weren’t interested in her personality. This, though, was different, he was quite the best looking boy she’d ever seen. He was tall and dark with bright eyes that were inquisitive at the same time as jovial and slightly mocking.

Eva watched this exchange with rapture and glee while Lewis was watching from close to Natalie with horror!

To Sebastian, who had now recovered his hearing, Eva whispered “I think she likes you, you know, maybe you should try to speak with her.” Sebastian took this advice and, sidled towards Natalie, swaggering a little “Uh, hey” he grinned, all Natalie could do was smile back tentatively and continue struggling with her shoes without looking at them. Eva looked back at Lewis and sighed. Sebastian and Natalie might have hit it off but Lewis was now going to sulk. Jordy and Karen had been watching this scene from afar  but lewis and Eva’s expressions had not escaped their notice.

Jordy looked at Lewis’s face, he may have managed to conceal the grief of his mother’s death after a few days but here were the symptoms of a weeks long sulk that he would not bother to conceal from anyone and therefore would affect everyone around him. It had happened before and would happen again. Karen and Jordy walked forward, Eva saw this and came sailing along behind with her head held high. Karen looked behind her at Eva and saw her eyes, they were the most pure colour of emerald green. She nudged Jordy and he turned, yelled and nearly tripped over his own feet, only recovering himself as Karen caught his arm.

As he recovered his balance, he whispered to Karen “What on earth?” Karen however had seen this before abd interrupted with an explanation. “I know, the first time I saw it, I was shocked too but she doesn’t know it happens! Their normal colour is blue but when she is ecstatic, angry or triumphant they change colour!”

“Is she the only person in the world whose eyes do that?”

“No, there is a man who lives in Austria whose eyes change colour but his go from green to blue. As far as I know, though, they may well be the only two people in the world.”

That day, Eva had to dance with George because Sebastian had decided to partner up with Natalie. Miss Clark noticed but George was just as good as Eva so she didn’t comment. Eva hadn’t a care in the world though for she’d freed Lewis from Natalie’s spell. Halfway through learning a new step , Eva’s concentrating expression broke once again and she even let out a little giggle. George look at her sharply with a questioning expression, when she returned it with a grin however, he rolled his eyes. He wasn’t the only who had noticed the hooligan on the balcony obviously! He looked closer at her face,  read her expression and sighed. He couldn’t believe he’d been blinded by Natalie’s looks. He,George had a beauty here in his arms! They had known each other for about five years and he had never oticed before. Eva looked at his face and saw that it was pained. She smiled up for him for she was a small 14 year old and he returned it, she read the smile like a book and repressed a sigh, here was temptation, would she succumb?

Here was the courage, he needed for his whole life, he took in so much of that smile he was full to bursting of confidence.

The pianist, Miss Hibbert finished playing the piece and started to pack up. George made a funny noise and Eva glanced at him, he decided to launch into it. “Eva”, he paused “I was wondering if, if ... you’d like to go out sometime?”

“Uh,  sorry?”

“Well you know, kind of, you’re not making this easy for me but just to spend some time together.”

“Oh, I get it” blushed Eva. She looked out of the corner of her eye at Lewis and knew the answer, whatever she felt for Lewis wasn’t as deep, yet as what she’d felt for George for years. Every time Eva had looked at George in the past four years, she felt something was dying inside her. It wasn’t that she loved him with all her heart but something, something unknown was going on and that couldn’t (and mustn’t) go on forever. When she eventually got married, Eva was fairly sure it wouldn’t be to George. For now though she felt it right and that she was ready.

“Yeah, sounds great!”

“Ok, how about you come around to my house after practice on Friday?” He asked.

“I’ll ask but that should be fine. Yep.”

“Okay, bye”

“Yes,  goodbye.”

“Thank you, see you on Friday.”

Eva climbed into her motorcar beside Karen, Jordy and Lewis climbed up behind her.

“Hey, guys, guess what! I’m going home with George on Friday! I think he likes me!”  Eva said in an odd tone of voice “oh, ok .” This was Karen. Lewis decided to enter the conversation with “Have you remembered what you were going to tell me yet Eva?”

“Errrm, yes. Oh. Well..... my aunt and uncle said you could come and stay with us only if you wish to that is.”

“Of course, I’d love to!” Cried Lewis, miraculously exiting his sulk. “Ok, I’ll ask when you can bring your stuff over.” Replied Eva unemotionally.

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