We're Like NA-NA-NA

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It was another ordinary day in London, or so I thought as I made your way to the closest Starbucks. The whole time my thoughts were occupied by the latest drama going on within my group of friends.

'Why can't they ever agree with each other?' I kept thinking as I entered the coffee shop and walked to the counter.

I smiled at the guy behind the counter noticing how cute he was.

"Hello. What can I get you?" He asked you flashing a Colgate smile.

"Um.. One Venti Caramel Frappuccino please." I said smiling at him sweetly.

I didn't see a problem with it, I was single, and flirting with the guy couldn't hurt.

Paying for the coffee, I sat at a table and waiting for my order.

I guess, I was too busy texting with my friend, telling her to make up with her boyfriend or finally break up with him, to notice a  couple of people entering the shop.

My friend, as always, was being dramatic, telling me how much she hated him but refused to break up. Apparently there was something 'different' and 'special' about this guy.

Probably something as special as her last three boyfriends had.

"Lottie Watson?" a voice called.

I walked over to him to get my coffee.

"Thank You." I said smiling. As I turned around my phone buzzed, and I took it out of my pocket to see another text from my friend, Chloe. Sighing, I started to type a reply. Just then I felt someone collide with me.

Me being me, meaning, petite, short and super clumsy, fell to the floor spilling my coffee all over my  shirt.

"Shit." I said, a little too loud.

"Oh My God. I'm SO sorry." I heard someone say in an Irish accent. I looked up to see a pair of blue eyes looking down at me with concern. When our eyes met, there was no way I could look away. I sat there looking up at him. Shaking the feeling off, I took in his whole appearance and instantly knew who it was.

"You're Niall, aren't you?" I asked him.

"Yeah, please don't scream." He said ready to cover my mouth in case I started fangirling.

"Don't worry, I'm not like that." I answered realizing that I was still sitting on the floor.

"Oh, here let me help you up." He said holding his hand out to me.

When I got up I realized that my whole shirt was ruined.

"Ugh." I said. "This isn't good."

"I know, I'm sorry but, I didn't see you." He said apologetically. "Do you want to borrow my hoodie so that you don't have to go out in public like that?" He asked me.

"It's alright. I'll wait for it to dry off a bit, since I'm getting another coffee." I said.

"Oh yeah I'm buying the coffee too." He said handing me his hoodie.

"No, I can't let you do that. It's fine." I answered feeling bad.

"No, no. I bumped into you and made you spill it. Lending you the hoodie, and buying the coffee is the least I can do to make it up to you." He said smiling.

"Alright." I said with a sigh seeing that I'm not going to win this argument.

He made his way to the counter and ordered the coffee.

When he got back we started talking and became quite comfortable around each other.

"So, I don't think I caught your name.." He said to me.

"Lottie, Lottie Watson." I said smiling at him.

Just then the guy called out with the order.

I got up to get it but Niall got there before me. He came back a minute later and handed me the cup.

"Here you go. I have to get going now. I hope I'll see you around." He said smiling at me and making his was to the exit.

"Bye Niall." I said sitting back at the table.

I sat there for a while, thinking. Looking at the cup I finally was able to get back to reality and read what was written on it.

"For the pretties girl I'll see today.

Call Me Maybe.

-Niall" I read quietly to myself. Underneath that he scribbled a phone number. There was a P.S. written there too.

"P.S. You can keep the hoodie. It looks much better on a beautiful girl like you. "

'Who would think that such a coffee catastrophe could start a promising friendship.' I thought smiling to myself. I waited a few hours to text him, I didn't want to seem pathetic, just my weird way of thinking, I sent a text to the number he had left me.

"Hey Niall(: It's Lottie. Thanks for the hoodie, I hope I'll see you around. xx"

Lottie: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=56732791

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