Chapter 28 A peaceful day for once

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Akyoshi's POV

   "I don't want to wear this, it's to fancy. I want my old clothes back." I whined as Mom helped to dress me in this weird outfit.

"Akyoshi, please. We are of nobility now, so we have to dress as one." Mom said. She got to wear a pretty kimono with a white coat over it.

"When can I see Papa?" I ask her.

"He's still resting, the wounds he received were critical. He still has to stay in bed for another day." Mom said as she placed a white thing in my hair.

"What's that?" i fingered with it. It was hard, but it felt light on my head.

"It's called a Kenshikan. Your father told me you had to wear it." Mom said despite my pleas to take it off. I watch as several of the maids came in asking us for our old clothes. Man, I was going to go down to the World of the Living and buy some clothes with Ichigo.

I race off to Papa's room, where he had secretly begun doing paperwork.

"Ha! I knew it! I'm so going to tell mom on you!" I said jumping up and down with glee "Renji's supposed to take care of it. You're supposed to be resting and healing."

"I'm already rested." Papa said as he put his paperwork back into his shelves.

"Hey, can I get different clothes. i hate this, it's hot and heavy and I sweat in it too often." I told him.

Byakuya's POV

   I watch as he tried taking off his garments. Hisana must have made it tight, figuring he would try to do this. 

"Ask the maids for loose clothes. As long as you wear the Kenshikan, you can wear anything you like." I told him.

"Thank you!" Akyoshi said as he hugged me hard. I moan a little as he squeezed harder. 

"I will call the maids. Anyway, where are we going for our trip. i already heard you guys talking and you seemed excited about it." Akyoshi said grinning. 

I hate it when he uses his ability for untrival things like this. 

"We are going to the World of the Living." I told him.

"Cool, where?" Akyoshi asked bouncing up and down. 

"I really don't know." i confessed. I got out my paper work as started working.

"So you were doing paperwork behind my back. I had one of the maids check on you. You're supposed to be resting!" Hisana said snatching it up and placing it high on one of the shelves.

She smacked me on the head as Akyoshi laughed his head off. I sigh as I lie back down. I was going to ask captain unohana to check Akyoshi. He looked pale today. I didn't want him to catch a cold on the trip.

I sigh as Akyoshi started running away from Hisana who threatened him to put his clothes back on. This was going to be a long day.

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