Don't give them the satisfaction. -Suicide -

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If you ever feel as though your going to kill your self because of some one. Think : Why give them the satisfaction?

My story :

When people yell at me I get feelings I hate and want to die I found out that I can over dose from metforman I'm a fat ass with diabetes and when she yells at me I love cutting my fingers and wrist I think I need help but I'd rsther just die. I hate my life. If I end it I'm sure only a few people would cry. My greatgranny, Granny, dad,my cousins, probably my uncle I'm sure he cared for me, hy, some people from school but not many I'm sure alot of my so called friends only talked to me to make them selfs feels better, I was the fat ugly bipolar girl that made them feel better about themselves. Around some people I'm sure they didn't even notice I was depressed, some people I actually liked and were cool with. I have a awesome bestfriend that I used to run to when my family hurt me. They are a good family, she is a great friend. One day my mom put me out and I went to Taylor's house and she wasn't there but you know what her family helped me still. I stayed there for almost 6 hours they fed me and let me sleep there but that was until she found me. Thrn we moved and I wasn't able to go to the help of them I started thinking about suicide more. I always had thought of it. I almost did it but my cousin stoped me. I think she thinls I'm a lesbian or something but I'm not I'm bisexual ever since i was a kid at like 4 she has constantly hit me. I remember once she was beating me down the hall and my cousins ran all the way down the street to go my grandma they were only 5 and 6 and my granny was sick and she came down the street to get my mom off me. She died a little later then my uncle pete died then my grandpa from my dads sidee died I lost the three people who I loved alot. Even though I was young I still remember them. I'm 14 now and I think about suicide daily. But then I think why should I give her the satisfaction of me not being alive. I maybe broken but I not let her rule my life. But today it got extra bad. I started cut and stab to much and now I have a few places bleeding but slowly I toke my insulin this morning so they are closing, which sucks. I'm going to prove her wrong and continue with my life and grow up and I only have 3 years 3 months and a few days until I legal and when I am she will not be part of my life. her or the her little as minions called her two youngest daughters.

Remember that no matter what you look like, who you are,how your like,or what you do.

Don't give them the satisfaction and that you are beautiful on the in side and dont listen to what people say. Don't listen to voices in your head or around you. Just don't listen. Don't think.

Give the satisfaction to yourself to grow up and prove them wrong and to block them out.

Im not therapist or anything I'm just a fourteen year old girl thinking and writing. If you want to share your story with me inbox it to me.

I'm not going to try and talk like I'm a therapist or anything to you.

I always tell this to people that I notice are down.

It always gets better. You are beautiful/handsome.

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