Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

 At the next dance practice Eva was dying to tell Lewis her good news but he was sat up on the balcony as always. Eva was doing a very complicated slide and twist with Sebastian when Lewis suddenly applauded. Eva’s usually serene and concentrating ‘dancing face’ smashed and a huge grin spread over her face like the sunrise. When she finished her dance she looked up at the balcony to see Lewis who gave her the thumbs up sign. He grinned and his dimples got deeper. He really was gorgeous thought Eva, if only..... Five minutes before the end, Jordy simply stood up and walked out as the whole class stared at his retreating figure. Ted and Lewis had left the balcony a few moments before and the teacher just told the class to carry on. Eva was devastated. Her heart plunged. She had so been looking forward to telling Lewis the news. As the class left, Sebastian caught Eva and said “I won’t be here on Friday, I just thought I’d tell you” and walked away. Today though, Eva hadn’t listened to a word he’d said. She was so upset at not thinking of telling Lewis before the class instead of just saying “I’ve got something to tell you” and going through the door. There was stillFriday and anyway Hannah and Henry didn’t mind when he came.

At last, Friday came around and as Eva walked into the practice hall, literally walking on air she wondered what  had happened because everyone was standing in the middle of the room looking at something. Eva sidled forward to get a better look and found the thing that had happened was a girl, a most beautiful girl whose looks and blonde hair made her out to be Russian ‘Bum’ thought Eva,’I know I shouldn’t say that word but Russians are generally good dancers and being beautiful and a good dancer, now that’s just not fair!’

And she was a good dancer too, even the way she walked was graceful and swanlike. When the teacher,  called out

“Eva, come and dance with Natalie as Sebastian is not here. You are both the same standard I understand. Eva, Natalie is new here from St John’s and I want you to make her feel welcome”

As Eva felt the whole class’ eyes on her back, she knew the boys would certainly already have made Natalie welcome. She turned from Miss Clark to Natalie who was standing in the middle of the class and Eva saw that she was correct. The boys were glaring at her, they clearly wanted to dance with the new girl and the girls were looking on the whole scene pityingly, especially saving some for Eva. One glance up at the balcony confirmed Eva’s suspicions. Every boy between the ages of 10 and 15 was officially under the spell, even Jordy seemed a little interested and everyone knew who he liked.

Wrenching herself back into reality, Eva realised Natalie had walked (glided rather) up to her and was about to introduce herself, “Hi, I’m Natalie Krakotov” in a light and lilting but guttural voice. “I’m Evangeline Bodmin but everyone calls me Eva” greeted Eva sulkily.

“Hello, Eva, I hope we will get on lovely” answered Natalie with a genuinely friendly smile. “mm hum” agreed Eva, her dislike for this girl deepening.

As dance practice commenced, Eva found, first hand, just how good Natalie was. Amazing! After dance, Eva took Karen, Jordy, Lewis and Ted home and was still so upset at the reaction of the class that when Lewis asked “You said you had something to tell me” Eva only remarked coolly “Oh, I don’t think I remember.”

When Eva got home, she went straight up to her bedroom to get her diary. Descending the stairs, Eva settled herself in the armchair closest to the window in their living room and picked up her uncle’s best fountain pen.

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