Chapter 15

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I'm so desperate calling out your name

Heaven was…well chaotic was putting it mildly. Flashes of wings rushing around, trying to find answers from someone, anyone. All it took was one to notice him, an Archangel standing bright and sure. They crowded around him, begging, pleading for answers as they gripped his wings and his sword.

“I need help; I need someone to stand with me.”

Their shrill voices cried out ‘no!’ telling their brother that they couldn’t fight they couldn’t stand against one as strong as Samael.

Gabriel shook his head, watching them as they threw their hands up, already such surrender.

“Gabriel.” The voice made him turn around.

“Haniel.” He moved from the crowd to embrace his brother.

Haniel grabbed Gabriel’s shoulder, pulling him away from all the others. “I need to speak with you privately.” When they rounded the corner, a secluded spot, Haniel began again. “Am I to understand that you insist on facing Samael?”

Gabriel gave a stiff nod. “Pretty much.”

“And how do you plan on accomplishing that?”

“I had been hoping that I would find some to stand with me.”

His brother sighed. “Do you not see them? Who will stand when the very name fills them with fear? They are not warriors, brother.”

“No, they aren’t, but you are. There are still soldiers here, Haniel.”

The younger angel shook his head. “No.”

“Why?” Gabriel demanded.

“Because right now my only job is keeping Samael out of Heaven.”

Gabriel tossed the words around his head for a moment. “You’re going to leave him on Earth? Leave him to slaughter every single human being down there?”

“Maybe it’s time for their world to end.”

“Haniel! Are you not hearing yourself? You can’t do this.”

“I am well aware of your…soft spot for humans. You abandoned your post in Heaven long ago; perhaps the time you’ve spent amongst them has clouded your judgement. There was a time when you would see that this is Just!”

“No,” Gabriel stepped back. “This isn’t Just, this is cowardice!”

“It’s better than your suicide mission, Gabriel. I will not follow you into this battle. I do not believe anyone will.”

Gabriel turned and left quickly, before he decided he needed to off another brother.


Lilly was on the couch when Gabriel returned. Her eyes found him easily, quickly.


He shook his head, closing the space between him and the couch before slumping down on it beside her, his head cradled in her lap.

She ran her slim fingers through his hair, soothing motions. “What happened?”

“None of them will stand with me, Lilly.” The hunter just nodded and Gabriel shook his head. “How can you be ok with this? I went to get an army and came back with nothing.”

Her fingers were still moving through his hair. “You tried, and I usually prepare for the worst anyway.”

“I-I feel like a failure.”

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