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-Angie´s POV-

That was the best kiss ever, even the guard that kicked us out of the park didnt ruin it. I walked up to my room and sat on my bed. About five minutes later Emma walked in.

“Hey, whats up?” I asked

“Hey, look  i-i just want to say that im really sorry for being so mean when we were younger, i was just trying to look out for you, i made some mistakes and i didnt want you to make the same mistakes (A/S: ok sooryy but i have to say this AGDJSAHJSAFSA ONE DIRECTION<3, sorry), i didnt want you to be like me, and i know i was a little, ok i was really harsh on you, but i just wanted you to be a better person, better than me, but i dont know if you´ll ever forgive me” She was now crying and i was about to cry too

“Emma, you really think i wont forgive you? You´re my sister, no matter what i´ll always love you and i´ll always forgive you” I said and she hugged me

“Thankyou so much, i really do love you, i wish i could stay more time so we can try to be best friends again”

“Emma, we are best friends” I said and she smiled “When are you going back?”

“Probably 2 or 3 days”

“Lets talk, i have no idea how youre doing in london”

“Ok, i´ll tell you, i just need to go to the bathroom really quick”

“Ok” I said and she got up and went to the bathroom

I felt the bed vibrating, i moved my pillows to see what was causing the vibration. Then i found Emma´s phone, she had a text and it was from Luke. Weird. Why would Luke be texting Emma. Couriosity always get the best of me, so i unlocked her phone (it is 3 6 6 2, 3= e 6= m and 2= a) and i read the texts


L: I know everything about what you did to Angie, you need to tell her

E: Ok first of all, who gave you my number? Who told you about me and Angie? Why do you care?

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