Dominik stopped in the front of the house. Annaluna stopped behind him. Inside, Dominik smiled and was glad he was in his wolf form or else he would be crying. An old woman with short grey hair and a kind face came bustling out of the house with her arms outstretched. Dominik ran up top her like a lost puppy and licked her face.

“Oh Dominik, how I've missed my baby boy,” she whispered gently, her arms tied tightly around his neck. She let go and rubbed his head. Standing up again, she came over to Annaluna and hugged her gently. Annaluna stayed still and waited for her to let go. When she did, Annaluna turned back into a human along with Dominik.

Dominik's mother ran back to Dominik and gave him a proper hug. He returned it. After their small reunion a burly old man with a wrinkled face and a bald spot in the middle of his peppered hair walked out. He had a smile like the woman and he walked to Dominik, too. They hugged once, short and tight and patted each other on the back.

When they let go, Dominik smiled at the man in joy. Another man came out but he was younger; much younger and with short brown hair. He was skinny and ran with a joyous bounce. He jumped up once and like a spider monkey landed on Dominik. Dominik and him scrambled on the ground for a couple of seconds. They laughed and rolled on the floor. At the door, a woman with long brown hair and a tight smile watched from a distance. Her stomach was swollen and she laid a hand on it delicately.

She looked up at Annaluna and smiled knowingly. Annaluna signed.


“And this is where we have pack meetings,” said Loretta, Dominik's mother, kindly. Annaluna nodded at the Luna of the pack. The recreation room was beautiful, along with every other room. Everyone who lived in the big house had their own secret corners that no one else was allowed near. The house was just as beautiful as it was on the outside. It had an old French design that Annaluna fawned over.

Annaluna and Loretta stopped in front of one door and Loretta shushed her quietly and tiptoed past the door. More toward the end of the hallway Loretta whispered. “That's Richard and his wife Gloria.” She made a face of disgust while entering the next room.

The current Beta, Richard, and his wife lived in the house as well. They were quiet people and didn't associate too much with anyone. The only reason he was Beta was because his son, Brendon, was Dominik's best friend. Brendon, the man that tackled Dominik, lived with his mate, Ashley, the girl that smiled at Annaluna earlier, who was currently pregnant with triplets.

“He doesn't like any of us. He's awfully rude and that stupid mate of his is equally as horrid. They're a rotten crowd.” She shook her head and closed the door behind her. She walked toward another room and showed Annaluna her and her husband's room, Bill, also known as Dominik's father. They walked out again and moved toward the very end of the hallway as Loretta explained the situation with Richard. They reached the last door that hid stairs behind it.

“What's that?” Annaluna asked curiously.

“That's Dominik's room. The Alpha gets his own floor. And since the new Alpha is home, we prepared the room for him.” Annaluna understood. Loretta was most likely not allowed up there and Annaluna smiled as they walked downstairs again.

Brendon had his arm casually wrapped around Ashley and was talking very quickly to Dominik about his return.

“You know,” said Brendon, after a long breath. “It really is nice having you back and everything. We haven't seen you in forever, ya know? We missed you and all.”

Ashley merely shrugged and nodded her head, without saying anything. Loretta, however, smiled. “We really are happy to have him back.” She walked over to Dominik and kissed him on the cheek again.

Bill emerged from the behind the kitchen and smiled. He let his hand fall roughly on Dominik's shoulder and smiled a beer in his hand. “Well son, I'm glad you're back but I have guard duty and I better get going.” Bill smiled at Annaluna and kissed his wife. He ignored Brendon and Ashley and walked out the door.

“What's guard duty?” Annaluna asked after he left.

“You know how we buy land, acres and acres of land, so we can run?” Dominik started then paused and Annaluna nodded. He continued. “Well hunters come on and hunt in our private area. It's a big problem that we've always had. Even since when I was a little boy. We put up guards so they can discard the traps and make sure any wolf running by doesn't get hurt. Remember, we have hundreds of people living on this land. When we were running in our wolf form, you weren't paying attention but there are house behind the trees that hold all of our pack.” Annaluna nodded in understanding. Everyone fell back into usual chatter after he explained.

You want to go upstairs and start unpacking? Dominik asked considerately.

Annaluna turned to look at him and nodded.

“We’re going to go upstairs and unpack all of her things,” Dominik announced. Everyone nodded off and Dominik dragged Annaluna upstairs to their private corners of the house. They stopped in front of the door that Loretta had shown Annaluna earlier. When Dominik opened it, there were stairs behind. He grabbed her hand and they ran up into their master bedroom with a bathroom and a tiny office. He opened the door that concealed their room and she saw all the boxes that they needed to unpack.

An arm curled around her waist, bringing her further into the room. She chuckled as Dominik led her to the bed. He leaned over her and kissed her neck lightly. “Dominik, I thought we were going to unpack,” she laughed.

“Shh, don't speak.”

She turned around and kissed her mate.

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