Part seven,

Rolling over the clear white sheets, I stretched my arms out above my head, the pain in my head instant, and dominant. I groaned, flipping my legs out of the bed, dragging myself out of the room, along the hall and into the kitchen. I grabbed a clean glass, filling it to the rim with cold water, taking a large sip, before slumping down onto one of the breakfast stools.

‘You look awful.’ Maddie spoke.

‘Well, thank you for that.’ I laughed.

‘What happened yesterday?’

‘Harry told me he loved me, and I walked away from him.’ I explained. ‘I don’t know how, but I did.’


‘We had a massive argument-’ I was stopped mid sentence as Harry appeared in the doorway.

‘I’ll err, be right back.’ Maddie spoke, turning to leave the room.

‘I knew she would do that.’ I spoke, taking another drink.

‘Can we talk?’

‘Well, I spoke, and you just spoke, therefore it appears we are both legible to talk. Does that answer your question?’

‘I mean to each other.’ He spoke. ‘Don’t be sarcastic.’

‘I have nothing to say.’ I spoke, taking yet another drink.

Note to self; stop drinking when nervous.

‘Well I do, so you can listen.’ He spoke. ‘Why did you leave last night? You just walked away, expecting that to help? You can’t brush a problem to the side, you can think about it for however many days or however many weeks you want, you can’t pretend what I said last night didn’t happen, you can’t ignore how I feel about you, and how evidently you feel about me. I left Anna for you, and you dropped that bombshell of you leaving as a return favour? What I don’t understand is why London being the location of your college should stop us.’

‘You weren’t saying that last night.’ I snapped. ‘You wanted me to stay, because you knew, like you still do, that if I go to London, you won’t see me anymore.’

‘Not if we don’t try.’ He spoke. ‘Why can’t we try?’

‘You’re just lying to yourself Harry!’ I groaned. ‘I really don’t have the time for this right now. I have a lot going on.’

‘Ruby, I need you.’

‘You don’t need me.’ I spoke. ‘You need oxygen. You would like to have me. There is a difference.’

‘Don’t leave it like this.’

‘I’ll leave it, how I want.’ I retorted, exiting through the door, back to my room.


‘I can’t believe you’re leaving tomorrow.’ Maddie sighed. ‘I’ll miss you.’

‘I’ll see you in September.’ I smiled. ‘College.’

‘Of course.’ She smiled. ‘I can’t wait to get on that plane, and come home...or almost home.’

‘I can’t wait to do that right now.’ I laughed. ‘I wanted this to be a break but it’s just been a headache, the only good thing was the actual wedding!’

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