So what, I love you!

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Since the frist day I met you I didn't know what to think, mostly cool a new friend, but after a couple of months you crept into my heart. Then my life was turned upside down. When the truth came out you said I wasn't your type and my friends said I could do better. Almost three years have past since that day, but you still keep coming back and bracking my heart. In class, when I think, I look around the room and you are staring at me, but when I come and talk to you you give me an evil look. I just think: So what, I love you! Deal with it, like I have to everyday. The only thing you can't mend is a broken heart, but you keep on shattering mine, braking it into a million and one pieces. Sometimes I just want to slap that grin off your face. But sometimes when you smile at me or laugh, I can't help but blush. Luckly for me, (note the sarcasm) you hate gingers. That's a wierd thing to hate, gingers. The last day came and you totaly ignord me. I mean, we weren't going to see each other anymore, I thought we were friends, but you still don't care. A frienemy of mine asked if I was OK, you were just a couple of feet away. "NO, I'm not OK, my life stinks and I'm gonna die soon, but I don't know when." I said a bit too angry. Your head turned with a confused look on your face. My frienemy said: "why didn't you tell anyone?" I replied: "because I don't want your pity, I don't want anyones pity"

"You... you..." you looked else where trying to hide the anger you now felt. "how could you of not told me?Out of everyone here you should have told me" You didn't trying to hidding your anger anymore. Hang on. Was that an order! So I shouted back: "Why would I of told you? It's not like it's going to solve anything and also, you haven't even notice my presence today until now!"

"Because you love me!" Oh! No you didn't just use that as an excuse.

"So what, I love you! (wow that sounded a lot better in my head) You don't love me back." Wait, was I... fighting with you?, way to ruin a friendship, god sometimes I hate myself. I turned away and started to walk then stopped. My knees fell to the ground, but you caught my head before it did the same. You knelt there with my head in your lap, not saying a word. You were waiting for the ambulance. You looked down at me as I stared at the clouds, my tempreture was slowly dropping. My eyes closed. I heard you speaking, but I couldn't make out the words. I felt your hands brush the hair from my face. Your hands slowly made there way in mine. My head was now on your chest, your head on mine, as you craddled me back and forth, our hands still intwined together like a thorn bush. I felt myself cry, even though my eyes are closed and to my surprise you did the same. Everything now felt so slow and so cold. Your tears travelled down my forhead, across my nose and my cheeks. My tears and your tears collided as they continud rolling down my cheeks and melted on my mouth. You kissed my head, still crying and craddling me.

Then my world went black.

All I could do now was listen I didn't have enough strength to open my eyes. I heard a man and I heard you but only faintly, the sound of your voice made me feel safer either way. The background noises where just too loud. Then a door slammed shut. A girl entered this time, and... Wait! Did she just say hospital? I've never been in a hospital before, I know wierd right a part of me was dying to go exploring, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get up. "OK, here's the thing, it's totaly out of the ordanairy, she is breaving but I can't find a pulse" said the man who I thought was the doctor. I heard a crash, metal objects hitting the ground. "Are you OK?... that's wierd..." what was going on? I wish I could open my eyes. "It sounds like you have two hearts" even though I couldn't see, I saw the confusion on your face... Oh! How I longed to see that face again. I felt someone stroke my face, I knew by instinct that it was you. "Wake up, come on, please wake up" I heard you wisper in my ear. Then I felt your lips against mine, as you pressed down with all your might trying to push the air back in my body. Your hands cupped my face as your lips left mine. I felt your tears rolling down my face. Your head against mine, it felt eternal until a thank you escaped my lips and then... well it was the end. My heart stopped.

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