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~*~ Emily's Point Of View ~*~

I can't lie, I was excited!

Excited to see that bitch Jessica's face when she see's Crystal and I gushing over how fun the concert will be.

Maybe we'll even have to explain why she can't come? That'll be even better.

I grabbed a blue One Direction shirt with all the boys' faces on it, along with jean shorts and blue flip flops. I straightened my hair and also added a white flower piece. Hmm, pretty. Before I left, I made sure that I posted something on-line about the concert I would be going to with my BEST FRIENDS. Jessica would be sure to see it.

"On my way (;" I texted Crystal.

"This will be the definition of epic." She replied instantly.

I smiled to myself.

~*~ Jessica's Point Of View~*~


Just great.

My mother had just informed me of the dinner we would be having at Crystal's house. Having your parents be best friends with your enemies parents has its disadvantages, you know.

I put on white ripped up skinny jeans and a " I LOVE LOUIS " white tank top. Along with sneakers and a cute headband, I was ready to go. "This is going to be hell." I thought,

I rode along with my parents, seeing as I failed my Drivers Ed class because I had the same hot instructor all 3 times. What can I say? I was distracted.

We finally pulled up to Crystal's giant house and we also seen another car in the driveway. One that did not belong to any of the Smith's. "Honey, do you know whose car that is?" My mother inquired, looking at the car curiously.

Emily. "Not a clue, mom."

~*~ Crystal's Point Of View~*~

Perfect. We have the whoopee cushion we had my brother plant, (and will later take the blame for) under Jessica's seat, and the oil on her seat, that she wouldn't notice until she admired her butt in our bathroom mirror. The thought, it burns!

"Crysttttalllll!" Emily had said in a sing song voice. We each had one direction shirts and shorts. Perfection. She had just set up the rest of the pranks.

"What can I say? Your an evil mastermind." Emily said.

I grinned. Louis always said to be mischievous!

"So, what have we got?" I asked.

"Whoopee cushion is in place, oil is set, funny mirror is put up, normal mirror in there," With a head nod gesturing to the closet. "Your brother has the spray set, and well, we can make her jealous just by looking at us, so were all set." She winked.

"God, were so mean!" I said sadly. "But that's all part of our charm." I said, returning her wink.

~*~ Jessica's Point of View ~*~

As we walked in the door, I could've sworn I heard something being sprayed, but I think I was just jumpy, afraid that Emily and Crystal would try to pull something. I wonder if they would do that.

Walking in, I could smell bug spray.

"Ew, mom, dad, can you smell that?" I asked.

"Honey, I think its you!" My dad said, with a disgusted look from my brother.

Then, Crystal's 13 year old brother, Cody, walked inside, smiling. "Hi! You can be seated at your place mats in the dining room." Then came in Emily and Crystal, smirking evilly. Oh God.

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