Chapter 47: The plan falls

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Niall's POV

"Niall, I - I - I don't know." I sighed. That usually means no. "But, I will think about it. I just don't like the whole 'dating a famous person' thing. I mean, with the interviews and stuff like that, we barley have time for each other. It's not a no...well not yet." she said, not giving me much eye contact. I really put her on the spot. I nodded as she walked away to the girls. Well, that wasn't what I excepted. I thought she was going to say yes right away, jump into my arms and we could get back to where we were. I guess I'll find another way to win her back. I sighed and walked over to the boys.

"Well, was it a yes or a no?" Harry asked. He is way to antsy about this sort of stuff.

"She doesn't know." I say, looking down at the ground followed bye a chorus of 'Ohhs' followed, with an awkward silence. I sighed. "Can we go now?" I asked them. They nodded and we walked to the car. When we got back to Hil's house, the girls were talking in Hils bedroom. I could barely make out the words though.

"So, are you going to tell Harry?" I think Holly asked. The voices were quite muffled. I have a feeling this isn't going to end well. I know eves dropping is wrong, but at time alike this, it kinda important.

"No, I can't...should I?" Hil asked. I looked at Harry. His face was shocked and angry. I wonder what they are talking about.

"No, you have to. If it's true, then he needs to know NOW, not months from now, where it gets more noticeable. You can't hide it ." Megan said. Oh god what is going on?

"Fine! I'll tell him later today." Hil said, confidence in her voice. I looked over at Harry. He looked scared. What is happening? I heard the door hand start to open and we rushed back into the living room and sat down pretending we didn't hear anything. The girls walked in, Megan and Holly whispering, same with Ali and Hil, who's playing with her hands glancing at Harry, then towards Liam. Megan looked worried, Holly hid her expression like Zayn does, and Ali...well I can't tell because she was already snuggled up next to Louis. Such a cute couple.

Hils POV

We got home before the guys and I brought the Ali, Megan and Holly into my bedroom. They all sat in various places, Megan on my bed, head off the edge, Ali on the beaned bag, and Holly at my office chair.

"Guys, I think I'm falling for Liam. I don't know what to do. As the days go on, it becomes more noticeable to me. And you all know I can't hide this stuff at all."

"So, are you going to tell Harry?" Holly asked, looking me in the eye.

"No, I can't. Should I?" I asked them. I am seriously stuck.

"No, you have to. If its true, then he needs to know now. Not months from now where it gets noticeable. You can't hide it ." Megan said, sitting upright. I guess shes right.

"Fine. I'll tell him later today." I sighed and we all stood and walked out. The boys were sitting in the living room all on there phones, lookin overly intreated in them. Niall looked up. I can't tell Harry I just need to get back together with him. Like now. Right now.

"Harry, can I talk to you?" I asked. He glanced at Niall who looked back with an interesting face. Kind of like an 'everything will be ok' look. Reassurance.

"Sure." he said a bit wearily, and got up, following me to my room. I shut the door and turned to him. "Are you pregnant?"

"WHAT?!?" I yelled. Where would he guess that? I am pretty sure everyone could hear that...

"Well, I overheard Megan say that you had to tell me and as the months go on you won't be able to hide it." he answered, giving me a tight hug. "But we only did 'it' once, and we were protected." He started freaking out a bit. He was hyperventilating and running his has through his hair. I grabbed his hand in mine.

"Harry, I'm not pregnant." he let out a sigh of relief and enclosed me in another hug.

"Then what happened?" he asked, taking my hands, siting down on the edge of the bed.

"Everyone thinks we are completely over. I told them that I still love you. I can't hide my feelings toward someone very well. That's why. Can we get back together officially now?" I asked pouting a bit. It's been five days. We were supposed to get back together this weekend, but I can't. I miss him to much. And, if I go on another date with Liam, I will fall more in love with him and that can't happen. Nope. Not at all.

"Right now? I've missed you do much!" he said as a smile came across my face. I jumped onto his arms giving him a nice long kiss. I have missed this. We walk out into the living room hand in hand, fingers interlocked. Harry looks at Niall and shakes his head a bit. Niall must have heard Harry's theory too. He relaxes his shoulders relax in relief.

"Guys," everyone turned to me and Harry. "Hil and I are back together!" Harry exclaimed pulling me into another long kiss. I never realized how much I truly missed this. I completely forgot about Liam as I kissed Harry. We pulled apart and looked at everyone. They were completely quiet, string at us. No 'Congrats!' or 'About time!'. Just silence. Megan, Holly and Ali looked shocked, with a disapproving gaze. Niall and Louis were overly happy. Zayn looked happy. And the worst one ever was Liam. He look so upset it killed me. He got up and walk out of the room. I heard a door shut. I guess he's in the guest room tonight. I looked over to Niall.

"He is desperately in love with you. More than you think." he murmured in my ear. I sighed, sitting in the couch. I feel bad for Liam. I got up and walked over to the door. I knocked a bit. No answer. I knocked again, a bit more forcefully.

"Come in." he mummbled. I opened the door, slid in and closed it again. He was laying on the bed faceing the ceiling. I sat down next to him.

"Hi." I said. He sat up into a sitting position.


"Uhm...are you ok? You look upset. What happened?" That was the most stupidest question I have ever asked.

"You. Harry. Everything."

"What do you mean?" Another stupid question. I am on a roll.

"I mean, I love you. I don't love you like a sister. Like I love you like this." he planted his lips onto mine. What the hell? Okay, stop the kiss. Any minute now. Why aren't you stoping it? Don't kiss back! Okay, don't listen to yourself. You need to stop!

You love Harry!

No, you love Liam!

That's all I heard in my head as Liam kissed me. I finally pulled back. Why is there so much drama in my life?


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