Chapter 30

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Zinnia Point of View

How can people be so cruel to someone like Dem?

I cannot still believe that the previous mafia leader did something so cruel to my husband and his family. How could he had a heart to hurt someone like Mr. Monk. The only feeling I get when I see my Dem is to pull his cheek and kiss his chubby pink hairy cheeks.

How come the previous leader didn't felt the need to kissy him and actually did the opposite of hurting him?

Good thing Dem Hub killed him or else I would have done something worse given I have a greater responsibility of making my husband safe and happy.

But what made me proud was my cute husband is a lion monk. He is also a mafia who can weed the bad from good and also a monk who can turn bad from good.

My Dem filter!

"You did what?" He asked again pulling me by my shoulders and turning me towards him.

My eyes immediately found his deep ones which glittered with love for me. He may not tell me how much he loves me but I know. It must be a very big task for him to put such love in words.

No wonder he was still trying to figure out a great expression to profess his love.

"I poisoned him and it was so thrilling, Dem hub." I clapped my hands in utter thrill. It was my first time to poison someone and the thrill of hiding and planning was so much exciting. I would definitely do it again later for sure.

I think I found my new interest. I will learn how to make different poisons.

"How do you know him and why did you freaking poison him?" He was looking at me with wide ballistic eyes, probably scared.

"Don't worry, I already took care of police issues. You have nothing to be scared off when your wife is here." I mentally patted myself for being such an intelligent and a smart citizen of United states of America.

Surely, will a little more practice, FBI would be training under me, no doubt.

"F**k Zinnia. Tell me what happened and what you did clearly." He's, for some odd reason, getting mad.

Why? Is he someone important to hubby? I don't think that is the case as per what I heard this morning.

I was about to tell him what all happened this morning and what a great deed I did, his mobile rang making me stop. Who is calling him at this time? It's our vacation cum honeymoon and only we need to spend time with each other.

Whoever this is, I am going to poison this person too for disturbing our precious moments.

"Egor, Speak." Dem Hub gritted in an irritated voice making me sigh in relief.

It was good that it was Mr. Egor who called. I don't need to poison him as his face already looks like it was result of eating the witch's poisonous apple from sleeping beauty story. I don't find heart to hurt him in any way.

I pulled the mobile from husband's hand and put it on speaker as I miss Mr. Egor screechy voice.

"Valdimir was in hospital this morning for being poisoned and he was now under prosecution for his illegal dealing and human trafficking." Mr. Egor told without saying any hello or a hi. That's rude. But knowing Mr. Egor, he is a beggar in the play he should be mannerless.

"WHAT? How? It was so sudden." Mr. Monk stood up from his chair like a bolt of thunder and I had to pull him back to the chair and gave him a glass of water to calm him down.

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