Chapter 4

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hey guys I'm back again.


Chapter 4:

I woke up to the sound of Kate's snoring that was so loud, I'm telling you the walls were shaking.

At least i wasn't the only one awake, Ashley was laying on the ground staring at the ceiling. until she noticed i was awake.

She sat up and turned around to face me gently, and said "good morning sleepy head".

Yeah, I'm way too tired now, I'm totally not gonna answer her.

I mean how the heck is she so happy at 8 o clock in the morning?

"shouldn't we wake up Kate since we gotta get ready for the fundraiser?"  i asked in my sleepy voice. I probably looked like the bride of frankenstein with my hair everywhere like this. You have not seen the proper meaning of bed head until you have seen the monster that is me in the morning.

"yeah, i guess we should..." she trailed off getting up aproaching kate's bed. Kate was facing the wall snoring like a bear and was spawled out. I guess she was comfortable.

The next thing i knew, Ash was shaking her yelling "GET UP!!" really loud in her ear.

Ouch. That's gotta hurt.

"AGHHHHHH!!!" Kate screamed rolling over like it never happened.

Ash i guess knew better and ripped the blankets straight off of her and kate started screaming once again, obviously ticked off that she had to get up.


Okay, first of all. That definitely hurt my ears so Ash must be in pain being right next to her. Plus second, that wasn't really a scream. Kate sounded like a beached wale.

Well, while they fight, I might as well get ready. So I took my clothes that I was gonna wear and took them to the bathroom so I could change.

5 minutes later, i was all ready except I had to straighten my hair.

As I walked back into the room, Ashley was dressed and ready while Kate was STILL in bed. Dang that girl needs to get up.

See, me and Kate had a fundraiser to go to for our softball team, because we were raising money to go to States in Ocala. And well, we the only ones on our team that was even trying to raise money. Well i guess they can pay tons of money while we will have more to do fun stuff.

"Ashley! I thought you were waking her up!" I yelled.

"I was but she won't get up. Don't worry I will just go get mom and she will take care of it" she replied.

I guess Kate heard her and she sat straight up yelling "I'm up!!" and ran towards the bathroom.

"Works every time" Ashley grinned at me.

Wow, I gotta give her props.

After 10 minutes everyone was ready and in the car.

Their mom was driving us and we were stopping by McDonalds!!! Okay that place is da bomb, and I love it. But I had to read a book for school and the food there is nasty!!! So if you wanna keep loving it, I would advise to NEVER read it.

On the way there, what makes you beautiful came on in the radio and we were all screaming the words at the top of our lungs with the windows down, and at every stop light, all the people from the cars around us were either laughing or giving us death glares. Get over it people!!

After stopping at McDonalds and getting my favorite chicken biscuit, we were at the publix where we were doing our fundraiser and we were bored out of our minds!! 4 more hours of this???

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