So, i have been going to Little League and I feel like some weirdo! There is this one team Southeast and most of them are freaking FINE! But they are all 12! Well some are 13, but still!  I don't even look at him. But  i feel like a weirdo because I'm gonna be 15 soon and they are all taller then me-__- I think they think I'm like 12. Lol! Do you guys know about Little League? You know baseball? Because I didn't know about it until I moved to Pennsylvania.

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Oh my goodness this is the last chapter minus the epilogue. I can't believe that Broken Together is almost over! It makes me sooo sad! I am I the only one that is sad about this? Let me know what you think. Well, enjoy:)

 Dedicating this to jnovak19 because she was just in a crash and I want her to have a full healthy recover!!!!


Breathe. Just keep doing that. Don't stop breathing. If I stop breathing that means I am dead. I will not die here. She will not take my life. Standing took all my strength and I fell right back down. I look around me and see my council fighting for me. My eyes meet her crazed golden eyes.

Like me Lay is losing most of her strength. She just refuses to show it. Studying her I find all of her weak points. Her legs are shaking and her once perfectly styled hair is everywhere. I'm sure I look the same.

Twenty minutes of this fighting. I have casted spells that I didn't know I knew. Honestly, this fight has been more of a blurry. Once again Lay attacks me. My lungs burn suddenly. Water fills my lungs.

Fight back. Fight back. You have our power so use it.

I can't breathe. There is too much water. I watch as my life flashes before my eyes. Cole helping me raise our children. Watching them go through the hardships of life. As of this moment I will never be able to do that. Someone comes in my line of view. I can tell it is not Cole.

"Listen to me. You are not going to die here. I know I may not show it, but I do love you, Ash. It took forever for me to realize it. I just can't let you die here." The person said to me. As they talked I felt power flowing through my veins. The water leaving my lungs and I can actually breathe. I regain my vision back slowly.

"Faith." I whisper. My throat hurts as I talk. She gives me a small smile that reminds me so much of our mom.

"Yes, it is me. Now, I am giving you my power. You have to defeat Lay. She may be my soul mate but she is not in her right mind. I will always be watching you, Ash." Faith says to me. I watch as she slowly starts to lay down. And then she stops breathing. I feel more of myself again. The power flowing through my body. I lean over Faith.

"Faith? Faith! Wake up. Don't play a joke on me. Please wake up!" I yelled with tears falling freely down my face. I can't lose her. This girl is my sister.

It takes a minute until I realize she is gone. That bitch is going to die! No one else except for her. I jump up and pounce on her. I do the one thing that I never thought I would have to do. Grabing the closest thing to me, which just so happen to be a very sharp stick, I put it on her chest point down.

"Oh so we are playing dirty now. You don't have it in you to kill me, Katherine. You are weak just like our first mother. Just like your sister." Lay spat in my face. That did it. I push the stick into her. It pierced her but didn't kill her yet. Getting close to her face I said something in a deadly tone. It actually scared me.

"I am not weak. Our first mother was-is not weak. And Faith was never weak! You better watch what you say because it will get you killed. I am sick and tired of you Lay. You played me for thousands of years, but that is done now. I am not going to kill you. You are right about something about though. I don't have it in me to kill you. But I do have it in me to cause you to have your worst dream come true."

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