Chapter Sixteen

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When I woke up the next morning, it was eleven AM. I wanted to go downstairs, but then realized that my dad probably wouldn’t be out of his bed, because of some minor jetlag. So instead, I sent Tyler a text.

Hey. Wanna hang out today?”

When I hadn’t gotten a reply after fifteen minutes, I decided to wake my dad. Good thing I did, because he thanked me about 100 times because he had to do so much. I made him breakfast and decided to help him out with some stuff. 30 minutes later, it was time to get dressed. First, I checked my phone.

[11:21 AM, Tyler Joseph] “Yeah, sounds fun. Isn’t this the only day your dad is home though?”

[11:37 AM, Zoeyyy @ Chicken nuggets –group chat- ] Hey girllss, Jacuzzi party @ my house today?”

Still laughing about the name of the group chat I was in with Zoey and Audrey, I decided to reply to her first.

Sorry :( I can’t today..”

Sent. Then I replied to Tyler.

True, but he’ll be busy anyways because he’s leaving this night. So yeah, it doesn’t really matter if I do other stuff. He wants to meet my new friend though. (That would be you)”

Tyler actually replied sooner than I had expected.

“ah, okay. If you don’t mind. I’d like to meet him too. When can I come? I have to drop off some stuff at friends too, but you can come if you want to? I’d like to introduce them to you.”

“Seems cool :) I’ll come along. Uhm I have to ask my dad when he as time, bit everything works fine for me. Wait a sec.”

I ran downstairs, into themy dad’s small office. “Dad, when do you have time to meet Tyler?” I asked. He looked up from his computer bag that he was packing, and said: “If he wants to, he can come for lunch? I turned on the oven for some rolls and all that, there’s plenty if he wants to join.” He gestured towards the kitchen. I nodded at him and ran back upstairs.

You can join us for lunch if you wanna/can make that.” I typed half a minute later.

“hmm.. give me 40 minutes, I should be able to make that.”

I figured 40 minutes would be okay, since I still had to get dressed and all that. I walked over to my wardrobe and picked out some black shorts and a lilac-blue-ish shirt with short sleeves and a low cut back. I put on some black converses and checked myself in the mirror. I thought it was simple, but pretty cute. I liked simple outfits, you don’t really stand out in them, which I like. I walked downstairs to put the rolls in the oven, then went back up to put on make-up.

10 minutes before Tyler would arrive, I got a text that he was on his way. I walked into the kitchen and set the table, calling my dad out of his office to help. I turned on the radio, so it would be able to save me/us from a possible awkward situation. Through the window, I saw Tyler’s car pull into the driveway, next to my dad’s car. He got out, saw me through the window, smiled at me and gave me an awkwardly waved his hand a bit. I smiled back and walked towards the front door. My dad jokingly raised his eyebrow and sat down with a newspaper or magazine or something.

Tyler stepped inside and gave me a hug. I hugged back and lead him to the kitchen. “Dad, this is Tyler, Tyler, this is my dad.” They shook hands, “I’m Daniel, nice to meet you, Tyler.” My dad smiled, seemingly finding it awkward to meet his daughter her older friend, who happens to be a guy. “Likewise, sir.” Tyler said, also looking kind of uncomfortable. The loud beeping of the oven (scaring the frick out of me, as always) broke the tension in the room. My dad put the rolls on a plate and we all sat down.

”So,” My dad started, “Tyler, how old were you again?” Tyler finished chewing his food and then told my dad that he was eighteen. I grabbed a roll and put jelly on it, then poured in some milk. I tried to ease the mood a little, by starting about basketball, but suddenly my dad asked one of the questions I was trying t avoid. Luckily, it was the least awkward one. “So, you’re eighteen, are you in college yet?” My dad asked Tyler, I knew Tyler dropped out of college because of his musical career, and I also knew, how important my dad thought education was.

“I was in college, I got in with a basketball scholarship. I dropped out a few months ago, mostly so I’d be able to focus on my music and all that.” My dad’s eyebrow raised, I glanced over at Tyler and then pretended to fully focus on my food. “Okay,” my dad said a bit skeptical, “and you don’t regret your choice?” Tyler shook his head in response, “Not really, honestly. I feel like it’s important for me to chase this dream, and it’s starting to work out a little. So I don’t see a reason to regret my choices.” I felt relieved when Tyler didn’t take it as an insult or something, and felt even more relieved when my dad said: “mmhm, okay. I guess that’s good then.” He actually sounded genuine, and it seemed like my dad liked Tyler. Not that it’s important, he’s just a friend.

10 minutes later, we were done with lunch. We cleaned up the table and my dad took care of the dishes. I was honestly glad that it was over, because despite the fact that it wasn’t very awkward or something, I could see that Tyler was nervous and uncomfortable.

“You had to drop off some stuff at friends, right?” I asked Tyler. “Yeah, I gotta pick up something at Josh’s, and then I got to drop it off at Mark’s. Usually Josh would come too, but his girlfriend is here, and they’re long distance so I figured they deserve the time together.” I nodded, and five minutes later we were on our way. 

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