Vodka & Whiskey / The Beginning

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**Quick Authors Note:
I added an introduction / warning / important information at the start of the story today now that I know I'll be continuing this story. Give it a read before continuing**

This is the moment I've been dreading. We're sat on a couch against one of the back walls, and I hadn't really thought this far ahead. I was so preoccupied with just getting the balls to get myself out of the house and getting to the bar that I hadn't really thought much further past that point. Now that I'm here, the reality of the night is sinking in and I'm starting to panic.

I need a drink. Maybe if I just keep feeding Harry drinks, we wont have to talk.

We had only just sat when I stand abruptly, earning a curious look from him.
"I'll go get us some drinks, what would you like?" I ask quickly, looking down to him and trying to sound as put together as possible.

The strange look on his face only grows, as if he's never had someone ask to buy him a drink before "Isn't this meant to work the other way around, shouldn't I be the one buying you a drink?"

Is that how it's suppose to work? Crap have I screwed up already?

"You took time out of your night to take me out, I'll get the drinks" I say as earnestly as possible, hoping it covers for the fact I didn't realise this is how this sort of thing is suppose to go.


I don't understand what the big deal is, why can't the girl be the one buying the drinks? He took me out, it only seems fair I contribute.

The corner of his lips quirk, as he runs his long rung clad fingers through his long curls and leans back into the couch "You're something else love, but alright, I'll have whisky on the rocks. Mention my name, they won't charge you"

They won't charge me? Does he work here or something? This literally defeats the purpose of me 'buying the drinks'.

Whatever, as long as I have some time to stall before I have to start talking.

I give him a quick nod and turn making my way to the bar, hoping that I can get some form of liquid courage again.

I reach the bar without managing to collide into anyone, or trip over, so I'm relieved that hasn't happened yet, I have horrible coordination and falling on my ass tonight is a high possibility.

"What can I get you darlin?"

I look to the tall lean man, leant on his elbows across the bar and I'm taken back at first by his appearance.

Gosh that's a lot of tattoos, I don't think I've ever seen someone with that many. Especially on someone's face.

"Uhm, I'll have two vodka and raspberries and four straight whiskeys with ice please.. It's, uhm it's for Harry?"

That should be enough to keep us occupied without too much awkward silence and having to get up to get more drinks.

I needed a lot more courage tonight.

He gives me a friendly smile with a nod "Coming right up"

I keep my gaze firmly on the bar as I wait for the drinks, making sure I don't make accidental eye contact with anyone, the last thing I want is to spark more incompetent conversation than I'm going to have to deal with tonight.

The bartender slides a round tray towards me, the drinks I ordered placed on top, and I give him an appreciative smile "Thank you so much"

"My pleasure darlin, don't drink it all at once" he smiles back, turning his attention to the next person waiting for their drink.

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