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Ok i know this wasnt requested-


Today is 8th December and it is national Pansexual day :))

And my gf is pansexual so I decided to do this for her cuz I love her so much till the death

Anyways, her fav ship is Lafferson and Lafmads (tehnically every ship with Lafayette but ok)

And I decided to make this lil chappie for her~

And this takes back, if you read my Hamilfluff book, where I posted an Lafmads fluff where they woke up and have sweet giggels and cuddly shit (and firtiness-)

So I decided to make..part two??

Except a lot of fucking that is-



"So what do we buy for dinner??" Lafayette asked his boyfriend as he wrapped his arms around James.

James smiled.

"Babe, it is our anniversary. You said we are gonna go to restaurant and go watch How the Grinch stole Christmas." James nuzzled to his neck.

Lafayette smiled and kissed James cheek.

"Oh forgive me mon amour." Laf said as James looked at him, grinned and they both kissed, rocked their bodies to back and forth.

When Laf pulled apart, he almost fell.

James face was blushed, his eyes dark with sparks.

Why are you making me falling in love with you again? (Me when i talk to mah gf~)

Laf smiled and let go of James.

"Come, love. Lets get ready." He smirked and smack his ass.

James blushed.

"Dude, stop smackin' my ass." He pouted.

Laf smirked and did it again.

"Fucking make me." He said as he went to their bedroom to change.

James had to roll his eyes and smile.

What did he ever do to deserve such man?

He shook his head and went to bathroom with a smile.

-time skip cuz im lazy fucker-

"James, stop moving. You are gonna fuck up your eyeliner..." Laf scolded, trying to do James make up.

"There is something else you'd rather fuck, wouldn't you??" James smirked flirtatious as Laf managed to line it perfectly.

"Yes and I will do so. Now...lemme kiss you." He pouted.

James rolled his eyes and smiled then he leaned to peck his lips.

"Awh yuck! I got that glossy shit on my lips!!" James whined and tried to wipe that glossy glass lipgloss.

Lafayette smirked.

"Oh is kinda...couple goals??" He joked.

"Don't joke about my feminine ways.." James said and 'flipped' his hair even if it is not long.

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