Fuckboy Façade - SP 🔥

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Requested by Godlydolann ! Here's some really cute ass shit for you about your boy, Sweetpea

Warning - mentions of sexual harassment

Age: Eighteen

In which things don't end well when old memories are brought up


You had been a Serpent as long as you could remember. Your father was a serpent and your mother joined soon after she had married your dad. They were truly loyal and powerful Serpents. That didn't matter when your parents were murdered though, no one was tried and convicted.

They were Southsiders. Nobody cared when they died, except for your Serpent family, the only people that you had learnt you could trust. You were five when your parents died and from then on in, FP had taken you under his wing. You were practically Serpent royalty, kind of like an adoptive sister to Jughead. No one would ever mess with you. Well, that was until you grew up a bit.


You were born a Serpent, but you were sent to Riverdale High, unlike all of the other Serpents. It was safer that way, at least that's what FP told you. You believed he just didn't want you to get involved with all of the gang violence and drugs, which you understood but you could clearly protect yourself. You walk down the hall with B and V, chatting about the latest flick at the drive-in, when Kevin runs up to the three of you.

"Did you hear the news?!" Kevin asks excitedly, he was quite chipper for an early school morning, so clearly he had some good news. Kevin knew all the gossip and would always tell you when it was important.

"What is it, Kev?" Betty questions curiously. It had to be something good. The young gay was practically jumping out of his shoes.

"We got some new transfers coming today. Southside High shut down." You freeze on the spot, staring wide-eyed at Kevin. There was no way in hell that Southside High shut down, you were practically begging to God that it wasn't.

"What do you mean Southside High got shut down?" As you ask, the doors to Riverdale High swing open as the 24 new transferees come in. All eyes turned to the group of rough and tough teenagers who were splashed in plaid, leather and denim. They stuck out like sore thumbs, majority of them clad in their Serpent jackets, identical to yours. You knew Weatherbee wouldn't let it slide, he had made you ditch yours at home, which you were okay with. You still displayed your tattoo proudly. At the front of the group stood Jughead, Toni, Fangs and your worst nightmare.

"Fucking Sweetpea." You mumble under your breath while rolling your eyes. You felt your heart hurting all over again. It had been two years, yet it still hurt. You had hoped he would drop the fuckboy façade that he took on after you left, but by the way that the boy smirked at you mischievously, you knew he hadn't changed one bit. His dark eyes pierce yours, almost making your skin crawl. You look away and focus on Betty, who ran up to her boyfriend and almost tackled him in a hug. Jughead chuckles, your heart feeling content as they embraced. Jughead kisses Betty's temple repeatedly while his girlfriend giggled in his arms. You had to admit, the two were really adorable.

"Y/L/N, seems like you're going soft." Of course, Sweetpea had to burst your bubble. You feel yourself bite your lip, trying to regain your composure. You refuse to put up with his shitty façade.

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