This is the end?

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*Raven's POV*

Another day, another pain in the ankle. What am I saying? Ugh....
I got up and got to the common room and stuff...I don't know what's happening but I feel so lost right now that I don't even know how I'm walking...

"Morining Rae!" Said Beast Boy coming to me.

"Morning Gar" I said still in my monotone...I gasped.

"Rave what's wrong? Why'd you gasp?" He asked with a worried look on hus face that made ME worried.

"I don't know. Something's off... maybe is because-" I got interrupted by a fake girly voice

"Hello there" said...Terra? Ok that's why I'm acting like this..maybe..

"What are you doing here?" Asked Beast Boy.

"Well I'm here to be a Titan again" she said confidently.

"And what makes you think that we-" I got cut off again

"We let her" said Robin
"Seriosily Robin? Exactly YOU fell for it?" I said.

"Umm...actually-" Star got cut off by BB getting along with me

"Ok Robin, I'll agree this time with Raven. YOU fell for it, really?"
"Just like you did the first time." Said Cyborg taking cover of Robin.

"Friends we shouldn't fight now. Friend Terra is-"
"She's NOT my friend! Just to remind you, she betrayed us, played us and if you still let her here, GOOD! I DON'T CARE" I said and stormed off to my room.

*Cyborg's POV*

"Oh boy" I said

She never stormes off, not even when she was extremelly angry! Man, we totally pulled it. We got her here just because grass stain wanted her! But I guess we forgot that him and Raven love each other. I feel really bad now.

"Sorry for interrupting but...who is she?" Asked Terra fake confused.

"You don't remember her?" Asked Robin confused and I raised my eyebrow.

"Well I remember that we fought a lot but, nothing else. Not her name. Not who she is or what she-" she stopped suddenly
"" she denied

"DON'T DENY NOW. You hurt me, you know? And now when Raven is here for me you just HAVE to ruin it!" Bb stormed off as well and got to Raven's room
"Oh well. Shall we not...." Star trailed off

"We really should go to sleep. Night everyone"
"But it's not night" stated Terra
"Oh...right. Then everyone do something...I guess...." I say leaving
"Whatever" she said and got to the couch.


It was night. More exactly 20:36 PM. Ugh..I got to the common to do something to eat for us. Even for BB. I was too lost to think clearly.

"Hey, umm, Raven I suppose?" Said Terra
"What?" Asked Raven coldly. I listened. This would get interesting

"I just want to tell you that....Beast Boy is with you just because I wasn't here. He's using you until I will get him back" she said in a cold voice. Oh no.
"Err...what?" Now I could feel from here that Raven was hurt.

"What you heard. Leave him be" said Terra and I could hear footsteps and backed away from the door pretending that I was just walking over there.

Raven passed me and I could a see tear on her cheek. Man that hurt her didn't it? She'll pay for hurting my little sis'. Raven turned back to the common room. What is she doing?

*Raven's POV*

"You know what Terra? Fine. I will let him be, I don't want to hold him away from his happiness" I said and I could feel tears forming up.

"Why? You finally understood that a freaky demon freak would never be loved?" She said to me with a lot of...thurthfulness. (is this even a word?).

"Raven is exactly not like that!" Said BB from behind and I left, not wanting him to see me hurt.
"Raven!" I could hear him, running after me, but I never stopped walking.

I got in my room and started to meditate just to keep things off my mind. But the things Terra said "You finally understood that a freaky demon freak would never be loved?" kept coming back.

Right when a tear escaped my eye I hear a knock on my door. Not knock. Banging.

"Raven, please open up!" Said Beast Boy catching his breath and banging louder like he was about to break in my room. Calm down it's not a big deal!
"Stop lying to yourself" said a voice in my head.

"Raven please" he said again faintly and I got to the door but the voice stopped me

"Don't be weak. You know it's true what she said. You will never be loved by anyone. Don't deny it. Don't open that door or you'll be weak. Stop yourself. Kill yourself. Leave everyone alone. Nobody cares about you. Why continue?" It keep stopping me from opening.

Beast boy just broke in.
"Raven? Raven!"

I was out the window. Falling. This is it. I know that voice is right. Why continue? Why not end it now? I'm half demon, right? Wait. Am i? Am I not? The only thing I could see was darkness. But then again, I felt numb. I was in someone's arms. Beast Boy.

"Raven, why did you do that? Speak please. Open up your eyes" he saud hugging me tight
"Beast Boy, I'm fine"

"Raven! called me Beast Boy. What happened?" He asked really confused
"Just leave me alone."
"No." He hugged me thighter than before
"I said, let me go"
"What's wrong?"

"Terra. Go to her. Isn't it why you were with me all this time? She hurt you and I helped you get over it and it's done. She's here. Go to her" I simply said

"That's so not true! Why would you think that?!" He gasped at me.
"Come on. Admit it already! Stop playing pretend"
"Terra told you this, didn't she? She's gonna pay for-"

"Finally you admited it! Now let me go, you jerk!" I pushed him away in anger

"That's not what I meant! I meant that she will pay for what she told you because it's not true! RAVEN!!" he yelled and got my wrist.

"Listen to me. I'm not that way and you know it. Weren't you the one saying that she can't be trusted?" He said it calm
"Yes b-but-" I broke down in tears
"Raven it's ok. I'm here."

"My demonic part-"
"It's gone"

"But m-my emotions can-"
"Can be showed. They won't hurt anyone anymore. We can be happy. Don't forget what I'm going to tell you:

I love you"
"I love you too. And you're right, my emotions are never going to hurt us again, or anyone. Thanks ,Garfield"

The end

Well wasn't this book cute and not so cute? Hehe, right sorry. I know it's kind of short but, there are even shorter stories. Now again, I picked the 3rd option form the "A/N" chapter because none of you picked anything. So, happy ending or not?

Love you with all my heart for the support and for the waiting,

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