To those who hurt me...

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Tears pouring down my cheek

Crying because of being called a freak

Every single word they said

Won't stop ringing in my head

Their harsh words have buried me

And they are treating me like a flee

They say that i am no use...

That  i am just there to amuse

It makes them laugh out loud...

Watching my tears falling to the ground

They know that i won't reply

That i would just walk away and cry

I keep waiting for someone to hold my hands

To make me strong enough to stand

Someone who would heal the wounds in my heart

Who would stop me from falling apart

I've  been waiting for so long

But i can no longer pretend to be strong

It's time for me to give in

To the darkness that haunts me within

So with the blade of a knife

The world loses a life

As it cuts through my flesh

I close my eyes and make a wish...

' To those who hurt me so bad,

Thanks a lot for making me sad,

I am leaving now, but all I'm asking for...

Stop hurting others,because a day will come when they won't bear it anymore' 

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