The Crown of Ishtar (Annie_Moon2001)

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Reviewer: Annie_Moon2001

Author: Twisha_M

Cover: 10/10

I really love the cover. I believe it's a perfect fit. I love the idea of the blood stains on the crown which indicates that in the story there would be issues and probably deaths related to who ascends the throne.

Description/Summary: 7/10

It was okay. I believe that you should work on your grammar. Like the paragraph, "Until the discovery of..." I think it would sound better if it's merged as a sentence with the "All is well" part. Separating it makes is sound totally off. Also, I think the description/summary needs more life. I wouldn't say that the way it is is bad. It's actually okay, like I said earlier on. It just seems to be lacking action and suspense.

Chapter Review: 10/10

Honestly, the grammar and spellings are on point. The cliff hangers were really superb. I can't wait to find out how King Revirion Morin I died. Also, I'm curious to know who he named as his rightful successor in his will. Also, I'm I allowed to murder his mother? The reason, that's the very thought all your readers would have after reading IV of the book. Also, I love your Shakespeare reference.

Activity of the Writer: 9/10

The writer replies to all messages on her conversation box but didn't reply to some on her comment box.

Plot: 10/10

The book is really interesting and definitely creative. It did bring me to tears reading how such a nice and great king was brutally murdered. I really felt for his wife. After all the struggles to unite, she is now left alone without her better half. I highly recommend this book to all wattpaders. If you think you may not like it, take my word for it and try it out. You wouldn't want to stop reading.

Overall Advice:

I'll advice that you should work on your description. It really needs thorough editing. Take note that you're writing a historical book or a book about the ancient times so you ought to use those words that they use.

Finally, reply to all comments. A good writer is one that makes it a habit to always relate with his/her readers. And please... complete the story. I'm really curious to see how it ends.

All that aside, I'll be giving this book a 10/10.

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