Time Just Stopped {1}

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My name is Jay and I'm a watch repairman. I work in an old store that sells all sorts of time-telling devices. My grandpa started the shop a long time ago with his dad and then passed it on to my dad who will pass it onto me one day.

We usually only get one or two watches that need repaired a day but when I'm finished with those, I just sit at the cash register and help when someone wants to buy something.

One night I was closing shop and I was excited to leave because it had been an excruciatingly slow day. I was walking towards the shop's door, twirling my keys in my hand when there was a shy knock on the door's window. I looked up to see the outline of a woman. I opened the door to see she that she looked to be around my age and was shivering from being in the rain.

"Come in. Can I help you?" I asked, concerned that she was going to catch a cold.

"D-d-depends." she said struggling with the words because her teeth were chattering so hard.

"Are y-you J-jay Asht-ton?"

"I am. Why do you ask?" I turned towards the back room to go and get her a blanket.

"I n-need y-your help." her eyes followed me as I unfolded the blanket and shook some of the dust off. I walked forward and wrapped the blanket around her shoulders.

"Th-thank you," she said.

"Don't mention it. What do you need help with?"

"Well you see, I have a w-watch that is broken and I need it to be fixed b-by tomorrow at seven in the m-morning."

"Okay. May I see the watch?"

"Of course," she pulled out a small plastic bag from her small purse and handed it to me.

"Woah. What happened to it?" It was an older style pocket watch with a gold chain. The glass face of the watch had been shattered and the hands that told you the time were swinging around like noodles. A few gears had popped out of the clock making it's normally circle shape nearly unidentifiable.

"It was trampled on by a few horses about five years ago."

"It took you five years to bring this in?" I questioned, looking up to meet her eyes which had begun to shimmer slightly with tears.

"It was my grandfather's. He could never afford to fix it. When I was a kid I would stay with him and my grandma a lot during the weekends. My grandma would always make me go to church with them even though I was the only little kid and I was extremely bored. My grandpa knew how fidgety I would get after just a few minutes there so he'd let me play with his watch." Her eyes were looking at the watch in my hand yet I knew that she was envisioning something else.

"He sounds like a wonderful man." I said quietly. "Why does it need to be repaired by tomorrow morning?"

Her eyes finally met mine and she whispered, "Tomorrow is his funeral. He gave me the watch a few days before he died and told me that he let me play with it because he didn't care what time it was when I was with him. He said that he loved me so much, time just stopped."

I was stunned by the amount of love I could sense that this woman had for her grandfather.

"You want to wear it to the funeral, don't you?" I asked solemnly.

"He'd want me to, too." she mumbled almost to herself, looking down at her sopping wet shoes.

"I will have it ready for you by tomorrow morning. I promise."

"Thank you. One more question though,"

"Ask away."

"Would you happen to know if there is a nearby hotel or something of that sort?"

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