Chapter 4

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The guys and I were at the dorm after our long hang out with my BFF Moonbin. All of them were at the living room while I was in the kitchen drawing something. I mean they're all good guys but I just get to shy around them. It is even worse now that I'm forced to live with them because of my parents. It's a really complicated story. As I was drawing, I got a call from Felicia.

Felicia: (Y/N) !! I have some news for you. Your next photo shoot will be tomorrow and you will get all the paper work to become an official model. I'm so excited to work with you.

You: Me too. I really need a girl to talk to especially when you live with nine guys.

Felicia: Haha. I guess your right. We'll see you tomorrow. Bye~

You: Bye. 

Felicia: oh! Before I forget I need to dye your hair again

You: sweet. Okay bye!

Felicia: Bye~

As I set the phone down a thought came in my head. 'When did I I agree to be a model?!??' I thought a little confused. I then felt something around my waste and a chin on my shoulder. The action made me gasp. "No need to me shy." Changbin said to me " I-I -I didn't s-see you t-there." I said, obviously stuttering. "Come on." Changbin said carrying me bridal style. He then plopped me on the couch were I fell on top of Felix. He was laying down on the couch which made it an awkward situation. "Hey Hyung!! Don't be so greedy. Share her." IN said pulling me to his lap. "She's isn't a toy." Felix mumbled. "Let's watch a scary movie." Woojin said. "Sh- I mean why?" I said trying to hide the fact that I almost cussed. "Gurl." Chan said. Anyway after Woojin and mine bickering they put on 'It'. I was so jumpy and hid behind the person who was next to me. I realized that it was Felix and pulled away only to be pulled back. "I was liking it. Stay a little longer." Felix whispered in my ear. I got shivers up my spine just by feeling his breath on my neck. I nodded and we stayed like that for the whole time until we fell asleep.

Woojin pov.

Felix and(y/n) were sleeping and they looked like two children cuddling together. It was adorable. My little sister really needs to open up more. Good thing I signed her up for modeling. I always knew she wanted to be a model but she was to embarrassed to admit it. The rest of the movie went well and we all decided to sleep in the living room since the maknae and half the hyung line were already sleepy. Som me and Chan brought our stuff and fell asleep 

You now what I just noticed? I noticed that in my first fanfic I had wanna one's Woojin as an older brother and in this fanfic I used StrayKids Woojin as a big brother too. Anyway I hope you enjoyed. Again sorry for the slow updates and be sure to check out my friend Jazu Cube 112 Wattpad stories. Till next time. Bye~

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