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If I were to publish a Minho ( the maze runner ) fanfic, would you read it? Hehe

Once again, I do not own shadowhunters! Credits go to Cassandra Clare and Freeform.

Sjjsksks so I'm currently reading City of Heavenly Fire and I'm v v anxious


"We've lost seven of our own, but we can't allow a single, radical Seelie to define the entire Downworld, any more than we can allow Valentine to define all Shadowhunters." Alec announced to everyone. It was early in the morning, and I haven't had my cup of tea or coffee. "So, to restore unity with our allies, I will be hosting regular Cabinet meetings here with the Downworld leaders of New York."

"I'm all for unity, but does he have to bring them here?" Lindsay whispered to Duncan who was right beside me.

"What do you expect?" Duncan replied. "He's associated with them."

Lindsay crossed her arms. "Still can't believe Alec Lightwood is in charge." She muttered.

"Just wait." He told her, "In a week, it'll be someone else."

I gritted my teeth, and was about to speak up when Izzy snapped at them first. "Hey. Show some respect."

I nodded in agreement. "Alec's doing his best and here you are, judging him."

They fell silent as Izzy and I shifted our attention back to Alec.

"Please, let's make the Downworlders feel welcome." He said.

Once they were dismissed, we all came up to him. I took this as a chance to assess him. He looked different, more formal instead of his usual black shirt and black leather jacket and shadowhunter gear. He still looked good, though.

"Look at you." Jace spoke, "In charge for a week, you're already shaking things up. I think this Cabinet thing is a good idea."

Alec sighed. "Yeah, I'm not sure everyone agrees."

I shrugged and placed a hand on his  shoulder. "All the more reason to do it."

Clary turned to Alec. "How can I help?"

"Actually, I need you and Jace for a mission." Alec said. "You're going to the Seelie Court."

"Where is that?" The redhead asked.

"The nearest entrance is in Central Park." I answered, "but it's in another realm, where the Seelie Queen lives."

"I requested an audience with her to discuss Kaelie's crimes." Alec told us. "But she said she'll only meet with Valentine's experiments."

"Wow." Clary commented sarcastically. "Charming nickname."

"So, you think the Seelie Queen is responsible for Kaelie's attacks?" Jace asked.

"That's what I want you to find out." Alec said.

"It would make sense." Jace said. "Those murders weren't exactly Kaelie's style."

Clary turned to him, a little confused. "How did you know Kaelie?"

I snickered. This ought to be good.

"Book Club." Jace replied quickly.

Izzy giggled as Alec and I made a face.

Clary gave him a look of amusement  and surprise. "You read?"

"Yeah." Jace replied. Offended, he furrowed his eyebrows at that. "Why does everyone find that so hard to believe?"

"Look. Focus." Alec chided. "We need to find out if she's complicit, an entire faction could be turning against us."

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