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  1.Damien Bromfield I was born and grew up to the age of 15 in Jamaica, mostly in the city of Kingston. I then migrated to the united states as a citizen and lived in Orlando Florida to the present.

2. I Live in Orlando now. I really like Orlando for several reasons. By now most of my immediate family have moved here, so considering I've been living here since 1992 it feels like home. The city is also evolving all the time. whether good or bad, there is always major construction projects going on. one year there is an empty lot of land, and then a year or two later it has completely transformed into a bustling trendy neighborhood. The temperature is also just right for me. I'm fine visiting somewhere with snow, but i certainly couldn't live there. It gets cold enough to sense a changing of the season, but not too cold to be a daily bother. Orlando is also a very diverse city. More than likely a result of the temperate climate and proximity to vast tourist attractions, the city has attracted people and cultures from all over the world, bringing with it cuisines and customs from all corners of the globe. Variety in this case is the quintessential spice of life.

3. Biz travel: to simply location drop I'll give you the list here, but let me know if you want anymore specifics about why i travelled there: Harford CT, Vancouver CA, The island of Turks and Caicos, Jamaica, Greensboro NC, Geneva Switzerland, Slovenia, Seattle WA, Ghana Africa, and of course Orlando.

  I would like to do more charity work. With the time I've been afforded to consider recently I've come to the resolute conclusion that giving back or helping others who are in need is a central pillar in developing a meaningful life, one with a rewarding purpose. Studies have shown and proved how altruism and helping others have a notably positive effect on our psychological and physiological health. I truly believe it.

8. Two political leaders i most look up to are:
former president Barrack Obama: Despite several short comings, i think watching someone progress and find his way through an impossible job with such impossible expectations and doing it in such a classy, professional, thoughful manner is a demeanor i aim to follow.

current president of France Macron for differing reasons, but mostly his singular attempt to pull France into modernity. its a heroic undertaking for a country so deeply rooted in tradition, heritage and custom.  

  I attended Valencia Community college first to get an AA degree. That was chosen as an easier transition institution due to my age. i started college at 15, so going to a full blown University seemed a bit much, particularly since i had also moved from Jamaica to Orlando that same year. also my grandmother had lived in Orlando and the school was pretty close to her house. After graduating i then transferred to UCF (University of Central Florida) about 30 minutes away. I chose that mostly due to proximity to home, reasonable tuition fees, and they had a very progressive and growing student body. they now have one of the better business schools in the state.

11. At Valencia i received an Associates in Arts degree. At UCF i spent two years pursuing a Degree in Biology as i had planned to be a Dentist. A maxiofacial surgeon to be exact, but during a long molecular cell biology class, i realized too late that i just didn't have a passionate interest in how proteins affected the membranes of mitochondria. With one semester left, i switched Majors to Business administration and graduated with a B.S. in Business administration with a concentration in Management of Information systems. I chose this path, because i had a keen interest in business and how technology helps create more efficiencies in that regard.

12.Damien Bromfield I attended VCC from 1992 to 1994. I attended UCF (Biology) 1994-1996, then (Business) 1996-1998.

13. I have no plans to get any additional degrees. For me and my personal path, the cost to benefit ratio does not make sense. I am an entrepreneur through and through. I figured out a long time ago how to make the most efficient use of my time in regard to self-education. As a result, if i need to know something or learn a new skill, i deep dive through a combined effort in books, Internet, videos, personal consultations. So far the strategy has worked well for me.

14. My educational experiences have certainly broadened my Horizons. In particular a 24 credit course at VCC called IDS (Inter-disciplinary studies), was crucial in developing my skills for independent and critical thinking. One of the important lessons i learned is that most people unknowingly default to lazy thinking. In general, we don't want to do the hard thinking, which can be dangerous. I got into the habit of working through the thought. grinding as they say. In addition, to going to school, i worked a job the entire time, which fostered an appetite for Grit, which is really just a combination of resilience and persistence towards ones goals.

  Pre college graduation jobs were:
13: mailroom/errands at my Dad's office(employer). Port services Logistics
14: Office clerk at Proctor & Gamble
15: When i moved to Orlando i was a bus boy at a restaurant
17: Waiter at Planet Hollywood Orlando. while it was one of the busiest restaurants in the city, at that time.

17. After graduating:
1998- started at Radixx solutions international in Orlando as a Helpdesk/IT support. I ascended quickly through the ranks to Director of I.T. within 5 years.
2003: Founded and operated an excavation business (Damarc Trucking), mostly using multiple dump trucks to transfer fill dirt to commercial sites.
2005: Started doing independent I.T. consulting for various mid-size corporations. That same year i also started investing in real estate and at one point had 5 investment rental properties
2006: Founded and operated a Forex investment firm called Capital Blu Management. Later developed a hedge fund to invest in the same sector
2009: Founded and operated Valera capital management. managed account trading in the forex space.
2011: Founded and operated Bromlink Technologies (I.T. managed services for SMBs). Within that year i also got my real estate license and after a short stint doing residential real estate with Homevest realty, i went into commercial real estate, specifically business brokering with Boss Group International. I also joined the BBF (Business Brokers of Florida association).
2013: co-founded and co-owned a restaurant in Winter Garden FL, called Blue 42 Sports bar and grill.

19: My skill set is heavy in Information Technology and its application into business productivity for SMBs. Networking, Infrastructure, cyber security, disaster recovery, governance. Entrepreneurship; Business analysis and valuations; sales

20. Florida real estate sales associate; Business brokers of Florida member; MCP- Microsoft certified professional; CCA citrix certified administrator; radware certified; Cat5 cabling certification

21. BBF multi-million dollar sales for business brokering award.

22. I enjoy working with technology, learning how to filter what is best; finding efficiencies and productivity hacks; problem solving; I enjoy playing my part in moving the innovation needle of man's progress forward (even if it is a microscopic help)

23. Youngest full time enrolled student at Valencia community college at that time. They even put me in an ad for them. I was awarded 1993 Mr. Valencia International award.

24. I see the I.T. field moving solidly toward more artificial intelligence; cyber security; robotics and automation. These areas will replace many legacy jobs, but will also open up the opportunity for people to find careers in more creative and human-centric spaces

25. Damien Bromfield

26. Start early. make sure you really enjoy what you are doing. at first it might seem money is the most important thing and if you are in abject poverty it might be, but outside of that... finding your passion and getting into the flow of what gives you daily energy is so much more important. Being aligned in that way will give you the will power, persistence and drive to actually do what you do well, which has the secondary effect of more than likely making you money anyway.

27. Within a few months i do plan to restart my IT business Bromlink Technologies in Orlando, in addition to working with a private school my family currently owns. i can expand greatly on these if you need, just let me know as i didn't want to flood you with too much info.

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