Chapter Three: A Flash Of The Past

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Picture once again by me!


I smiled brightly as the all too familiar diamonds swirled around me, blowing my long hair and dress in the same direction of their spirals. I always love it when I could get so close to the beautiful shapes, not like when I'm forced to sit in the audience and watch them from a distance.

A giggle escaped my throat as a circle of hearts swirled around my head, brushing past my ears as they continued their pattern.

"That tickles!" My laughter got louder as another circle was added, my smile widening.

"What's that? It's hard to hear over your laughter!" The jester responsible for these fun little shapes smiled coyly as I tried to talk again, only to be cut off by my laughter.

A few moments had passed when the shapes disappeared, my laughs calming down and becoming silent, but my smile never falling.

"You cheated! You made me laugh so I couldn't say anything!" The jester smiled and only shrugged his shoulders.

"Perhaps I did, perhaps I did not, no one knows but I." I giggled and hugged him tightly, quickly getting the same tight hug in return.

"You're the best!"

"Don't talk to me as if I'm a mirror."

"You know what I meant ya goof!" I pulled away from the hug and squished his cheeks in my hands, getting a laugh out of him as a result. He messed with my hair and smiled, standing back up.

The jester was one of the youngest members in the court of diamonds, only being around 14 years old, but he was still one of the most talented among any of the royal families. He took it upon himself voluntarily to make the rest of us happy, and it was something I admired dearly.

"Dear me, is something troubling you rabbit of hearts?" He took my chin in his hand and lifted my head up slightly, making sure I met his crescent shaped eyes. I sighed and nodded.

"Yeah... I'm just worried that... never mind it's not that important."

"All problems are important, no matter size or severity. One's small issue may be another's ultimate misery. Do not bottle it away, do tell someone, if not me, than another you trust." His soothing smile never left as he spoke to me, and I felt like I was going to start crying on the spot. I returned the smile and quickly wiped my eyes. The last thing I needed was to cry on top of this whole mess.

"I'm just worried... you've done so much in so little time and I... I'm not that much younger than you and I still don't know what to do..."

"Hold your tongue for a moment. I am most fortunate to find a calling that makes my heart soar at my age, you may not have found that yet, but years are still a very long time. You have six of them behind me, you do not have to worry yourself about finding a calling when you have a multitude of time waiting for you to experience." I fell silent at his words. There were always rumors that the jester should have been the royal magician instead, but now it made more sense to me why he's not. It's not what he wanted to do.

He wants to make people smile and laugh with jokes and routines that leave you in awe, not with spells or illusions like Seam seemed to enjoy. And he was right. I haven't found what made me so happy I always want to do it yet, but I do have plenty of time to figure it out. I smiled at the Jester and nodded.

"Thank you. That really helped."

"Of course. Do not worry about chasing something that does not please you, time will assist you in finding you love in life." My smile widened and I hugged him tightly, only to be swept off my feet and spun in a circle through the air. Laughter escaped my throat as I soared, being set down a few moments later so I wouldn't get sick.

I heard someone calling my name and turned my head to see my mother waiting for me. I huffed and folded my arms across my chest.

"Time for you to return home, young one." I was quiet before turning to the Jester and holding out my hand. He seemed puzzled as he held out his hand as well, mirroring mine. I took his hand in mine and squeezed it, smiling as him.

"I'll see you tomorrow, right?"

"As long as my SOUL shines bright." We smiled at each other and I let go of his hand, dashing off to my waiting mother.


"She's not dead is she?"

"No I don't think so. My lullaby must have gotten to her too..."

"Poor bunny lady! She must have been very tired!"

I felt a soft shake on my shoulder and my eyes slowly opened, seeing four familiar faces surrounding me. Kris was by my side, seeming to be the one who shook me awake.

I pushed their hand off my shoulder and everyone else took a couple steps back.

"Yeah yeah I fell asleep whoop de fucking do." I groaned as I stood up, stretching my arms and legs to get the stiffness out from falling asleep in such an awkward position.

"Well uhm, while you were out, we got Susie back on our team again, and Lancer's with us too!" Ralsei smiled as he spoke, adjusting his glasses.

"Cool. We're pretty close to the castle by now so perfect timing." I walked off from the rest of the group, heading towards the castle. "If you wanna close this thing soon we better get there fast."

The rest of the group followed me, Kris at my side while the others trailed behind. Kris grabbed my arm to stop me and I turned my face to them.

"What?" They smiled at me and pointed at my necklace again.

"Okay what the fuck is that supposed to mean?!" Kris shrugged and dropped their hands to their sides. I groaned and rolled my eyes, continuing to lead the way to the Castle.

This fucking kid I swear to the blackness above.


More context of the reader and Jevil's relationship woo!

Also for context on the ages of everyone, since this'll be important later, Kris and Susie are 17, Ralsei is 16, and Lancer is 12. That is all! Hope you enjoyed the chapter ^^

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