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[bacc to normal storyline]


He remembered pitying him for a while when he first found out. But after a while he learned to accept it, after a long and heart wrenching conversation with the boy, who only pleaded that he treated him like he always did, begged him to tears, and never treat him any different.

And that's exactly what Taehyung did.

He played off his zone out by nuzzling his nose onto the other with a grin as the latter pushed him away jokingly. Taehyung came running back it's a small peck on his forehead as he went to go grab the black and white heart printed oven mits while making crab hands which made the younger giggle once more

"Okay bub, I think the brownies are done~"

"Wif the Star spwinkles?"

"Mhmm, with the star sprinkles"

He cheered loudly as he kicked his baby pink fuzzy socks and tiny hands in the air that made taehyungs heart malfunction.

"Yay spwinkles!"

"Lower your voice sweetie you might wake up joonie-"

"Too l-late for t-that"

The both paused their actions and looked over to the taller. Jimin closed his mouth with both of his hands, wide eyed and mumbled a sorry sheepishly through his hand covered mouth.

"You have to move your hands out of your mouth of you want him to hear you kitten"

Jimin blushes in embarrassment and slowly shoved his hands one over the other, in between his now closed legs and looked down and said 'sorry' in a smaller voice which made him chuckle and walk over to pull Jimin into a bone crushing hug, an audible flinch from the blond at the taller's acton. Taehyung, if anything was a bit confused. Namjoon rarley woke up fully in his normal headspace, he's usually stuck in between slipping and not, talking to him self in his head and doing little things that's work that taking note of when he's in that state. But know he was just Kim Namjoon, not their little joonie bear, and he had to admit, that worried him quite a bit.

"You okay namjoon?"

Taehyung looked at him with a raised brow before namjoon stopped his handshake with Jimin to acknowledge the older, leaving Jimin to mumble under his breath and retreated to play with namjoons long fingers.

"I'm f-fine daddy d-don't worry about me"

Namjoon said sarcastically which made Jimin giggle woken a little squeak that made him jump, leaving himself surprised as both of them cooed at the sight.

But in truth Namjoon wasn't okay. Last night he was bigger than usual, so unlike what always happened where he doesn't remember much in little space, he did. And he was worried sick for the youngest. He hasn't had one of those episodes in months and he honestly thought his roommate was finally getting better, but it turns out they never did to begin with. He didn't want to burden Taehyung with dealing with the both of them. He knew that the eldest would protest at the thought of that, not minding taking care of either of them, but still, namjoon had always been one to put his beloved before him.

But what Namjoon didn't know was that Taehyung noticed.

Everything that was was wrong with his friend was easy to see, they've practically know each other all their lives. But he kept silent and didn't push it, not wanting to ruin any precious moment he has with them.

So he stayed pretty silent for the remainder of the morning, and curtly nodded as Jimin kept blabbering on about a new show he started watching as he cut the brownies into pieces, a small smile gracing his figure.

He truly wished things could always be this way, but harsh reality had another thing in mind for them.


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