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Jimin climbed out first, with the help of namjoon. Then namjoon put up Taehyung in his shoulders as Jimin grabbed his hand and hoisted him up, namjoon using the crate to her himself out. As they brushed off their cloths and ran as far away from the school property and to Taehyungs house, they stopped running a couple of blocks down to catch their breath once they had arrived.

"Whew that was hard"

"We need to get inside and ask for help"


Once his grandma found them and after a hard interrogation later. The trio were cuddled up in blankets, bandages adorning all their figures, and a lollipop in each hand. Jimin, who was laying in between the two with a pink blanket wrapped around him, looked over towards Taehyung.

"Why did you save me anyway?"

"Well, isn't that what anyone else would do?"

"Not many people do..."

Taehyung lifted the boys chubby face with his hands before giving him a smile, ruffling the fluffy dark hair of his now teary eyed friend.

"Don't cry, think about the future! We're gonna all grow up and become the bestest friends ever and we're going to all make amazing memories together, I'm sure of it!"

Namjoon finally joined the conversation by throwing himself into the two, a response of groans following after.

"Y-Yeah Minnie! A-and I'll b-be h-here t-too!"

Jimin giggled a bit before stopping and looking over at the two boys.

"Waaaait, how old are you guys?"

Namjoon blinked and counted on his fingers.

"I-I turn 6 I-in a couple o-of w-weeks"

"I turned 6 on December 30th last year"

"I turned 6 on August 13!"

"Looks like Taehyungie is both of our Hyungs!"

They all laughed before namjoon mumbled and said something about needing more water and waddling toward the kitchen. Jimin turned to the side and gave Taehyung a look.

"Y-you never answered my question.."

"All you need to worry about his healing and getting better and that's that. "


"Hey, don't worry about it, I'll protect you, always."



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