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you tried pulling this drunk man to stand up, but he just added more weight to make you stop. but of course, you didn't give up.

you: Jungkook! get up! i swear–

suddenly, an idea popped in your head. but you're hesitating to do it, because it's kind of inappropriate. but hey! this is a club, why won't you just do it, right?

mastering all of your courage, you confidently rubbed the male's thigh, each upward movement is nearing to his groin. jungkook's eyes shoot open as he felt a hand on his thigh, and worst, nearing to his half erected shaft that was caused by you.

with your free hand, you grabbed his wrist and lifted up towards your covered breast. automatically, his hand moved to cup your breast, squeezing it sometimes.

this scene didn't go unnoticed.

bartender: get a room will you!

you felt your face heat up as you came back to your usual normal self- that is not this confident. you sheepishly grinned at the bartender as you lift up your head to look at the bartender.

before the bartended could speak more, you were pulled up by the muscle pig that is behind you right now. he started walking to the exit, too aroused to even remember what he was told- not actually that told, but heared.

oh how the tables turned.

you tried to pull your wrist from him, which you successfully did after trying so hard.

going to the car that seemed waiting for you- which is an uber again. checking the face of the oovoo javer from your phone to the one in the driver's seat, once it was confirmed, you entered first then jungkook.

while inside the car, jungkook didn't even stopped himself from touching you. yes you did tried to stop him. keyword: tried

after arriving on the destination which is a hotel, you paid the oovoo javer before hopping out.

jungkook looked like a kid with tears in his eyes as he was looking around the entrance, then after you both entered, he started to look around again while you were talking with the receptionist to fish your card.

but of course, you were holding his wrist because he might slip away and wander around, and maybe some girls will go to him.

after some minutes, you were already walking to the elevator. and jungkook is at it again, since the elevator is empty, but there's this thing called cctv that could see you inside the elevator, which made you embarrassed.

your body can't seem to react with his touches, maybe because you were constantly thinking about what the heck made him cry.

going down the hall where there are a lot of doors that has different room numbers, once you finally found yours, you slipped the car and then the door opened.

yes this is a hotel, and not your house.

letting out a deep sigh as you throw yourself at the bed, very tired from assisting a baby.

before you even fully close your eyes, jungkook came into your view.


i heared the BTS got into a car accident, but they're fine. homgahahadddwkjdmskwkwa

btw, Christmas break is near soooo

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