When I thought I had suffered enough, I experienced another queasy journey in the labyrinth's elevator.

My legs wobbled as I stepped out into the main foyer of the Fourth Tier, but I was able to walk unassisted. If I was still wearing guns, I probably would've toppled over. My sides and back felt so much lighter without their weight.

I was glad when Colin had reclaimed his guns as soon as we had left the Lotus bridge and stepped onto a pivot landing.  He went off to reseal Moralta in a time cell then rejoin his team to assist with their and Jensen's crowd control work in the West Wing.

"Eek!" I caught a clear image of myself in the mirror elevator doors and realised I was an eyesore.

My bow tie's red colour had lost its vibrancy, parts of its edges was snagged and torn and the ribbon flaps were almost pulled out of the knot.

I pulled off my grey flat cap, which was more like a screwed cap with part of the visor broken so the right side of it flopped down, and shoved in my back pants pocket.

My hands ran through my messy layers of short black hair, flicking aside brow-length stands of fringe.

Looking down, I groaned when I saw my navy vest had lost two of its bottom buttons revealing more of my untucked shirt that was definitely no longer white, but splotched with dark red and grey stains.

I sighed at the shabby sight of my worn down boots that were beyond the scuffed stage.

Looking up, I saw the slight crease lines on my forehead and felt conscious not to frown.

Man, I felt haggard.

"Can we get a drink?" I asked no one in particular. "Scratch that. Get me a keg of ale and a straw."

"Ha! I second dat!" War piped up. "Best thing yah said Famisto."

He slung his arm around my shoulder to pull me around.

The knights faced Death, War and me with sneaky grins.

"You Gat Shiem brothers like your drink, don't you? Okay, why not? Not like we're going to get more done around this place," Lita agreed. "Jensen and Orion Team already has the last bit of trouble under control."

Wilfred and Saku had also expressed their agreement on the suggestion.

Ryoko gave us one of her classic hard-boiled frowns. "You're on my watch. Any funny business, I'll be handing out punishments."

She growled at the hearty slaps and pats to her back.

"Yosh! Let us do this. I think we deserve it," Saku cheerfully said.

He told us of a place where we could go to get smashed.

Ryoko dropped her tough attitude with a sigh and gestured for Saku to lead the way.

We followed him across the foyer's polished white marble floors towards enormous redwood double doors. 

The afternoon sun threw elongated shadows to our footsteps. I soon realised that the area was empty of animal bots and people.

"Did the people get moved?" I asked Lita's back.

"Yes. They were evacuated back to the Second District for safety reasons. Only knights currently remain in this area," she confirmed.

I shrugged off all other questions that were forming in my head and focused on the exit.

Saku opened the double doors. 

I relished the stream of daylight that rushed at my face. It felt comforting.

"Let's get smashed!" I loudly declared.

"Hai!" The others heartily agreed.

We crossed the threshold to the outside world and closed the doors to Hell's Labyrinth.

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