I Met Someone

28 7 11

I'm glad that you could meet me here for coffee
Was too excited to tell you over the phone
After he left me late last March,
Was afraid I'd end up all alone. 

But last week for the first time in a long time
I went out and had a little fun
And they say it happens when you least expect it
Oh, I think I met someone. 

It's too soon to tell just what he's really thinking
Nothing's set, we've only just begun.
And maybe I 'm moving a little fast now,
But oh, I think I met someone. 

He says I hung the moon,
Can see the night stars in my eyes
And maybe it's too soon,
But I think I'd like to try
He says life without me
Is a world without a sun
Oh, I think I met someone

He's everything that I've been searching for
I think he's looking, too, for the long run
My heart's been hurt so many times, but this one just feels right
Oh, I think I met someone

He says I take his breath away
That I'm a gorgeous sight to see
And every time I look his way,
He's looking back at me
And I think this boy might just be the one
Oh, I think I met someone.

I think this one could really mean a lot now
To tell the truth, I'm scared and want to run
But my heart knows that he'll never want to hurt me
Oh, I think I met someone.

Yeah, I met someone.

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