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This chapter included shooting and suicide. If you're having suicidal thoughts, reach out. Remember you are loved.


Well, that was fun getting plowed off a hill and watching someone get killed last night. Very exciting. Back to the present, I managed to get to school on time and in my first class with Percy and his friend Annabeth. Emphasis on a friend. I saw Annabeth sitting there on her desk. I saw Percy as well, with his head in his hands. Mr. Blofis walked in and Percy raised his head. Annabeth pulled out her phone and started dialing a number. The little vibration went off, and a voice said, we're listening.

Annabeth said loudly, "I would like to make an accusation!"

Mr. Blofis said, "Go ahead."

Annabeth raised her hand and someone held up a phone and started recording.

"Percy Jackson killed Castor Dionysus," Annabeth said.

Percy flew up and said harshly, "How did I kill Castor?"

"Maybe you ran his car into a rock and the car blew to shit," Annabeth said.

"Not my fault the motherfuc-," Percy started.

"Calm down, Percy," Mr. Blofis said. Percy then put his hand on his back pocket of his jeans. His hand moved in front of him. In his hand was a gun. He brought it to his head. Everyone screamed.

"Don't shoot yourself," Annabeth yelled.

"You're right," Percy said and moved his hand to his side. Everyone sighed. Then everyone screamed as Percy raised the gun, pointed it at Annabeth's heart, and fired. She collapsed like a ragdoll. People rushed to the door, and Percy shot as many people as he could, even Mr. Blofis. He looked at me and raised the gun to my chest. He fired. I collapsed, moaning in pain, as Percy raised the gun to his head and fired.

How many people want to kill me? I honestly want to see how you guys want to kill me. So close to 1K reads!!! 1/21/19

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