:Chapter 16:

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I sat outside on the swing letting it rock as I waited for Isaac to come pick me up. There was anxiety in my chest as I waited for him. It was both good and bad type of anxiety that was in me.

My mother and father were at work and they were on my mind quite much. What would they think if I died in the next 3 weeks. If I was 'reaped' as Isaac put it. The thought scared me. Before it never did until Isaac came around and showed me another light.

And now I had no desire to die. Not a single desire to submit to death and without Isaac there wasn't a single thing that I could do to stop it. The doctors couldn't stop it and Isaac said so himself and I believed him. He would never lie to me.

There was only one person who could exactly save me and he was the one that I had texted. And now he was coming pick me up and I liked that. Isaac was the one person who could save me and now he was coming pick me up as I sat here.

The anxiety in my stomach was large and I was a bit unsettled. At the same time happy and hopeful for Isaac to get here. The swing rocked back and forth as I brushed some hair from my face as I thought back to the dream that I had.


"Lore sweetie." I looked up at my mother who smiled at me. "You excited for your big day?" My mom asked and I looked at her quite confused. "My big day mom, what do you mean by that?" I asked my mom who tilted her head to the side at that.

"Your wedding." My mom said. "My wedding?" I asked. "Yeah your about to become Lore Ashford here soon. Isaac he's such a sweetie." My mom said and I simply stared at my mother unsure of what to say considering what my mother had just told me had happened.

I was getting married apparently. To Isaac. My boyfriend. Well apparently my fiancé according to my mother. My eyes drifted over the room unsure of how to react. Apparently I was being married to Isaac today and was about to become Lore Ashford and I never would of expected that, I was going to be married.

I never thought I would be married. My eyes went to my hand. A silver ring with diamonds on it. The band itself had diamonds in it as well, tiny diamonds and then a yellow diamond in the middle. The diamonds in the middle made the shape of a wolf.

I had a wolf engagement ring. It was pretty for sure, that I could tell. And I had a feeling Isaac paid an arm and a leg for this ring. All I could do was stare at it quite perplexed at it. It was so pretty that it had me enchanted.

All I could do was smile at the ring as my mother grinned. "We need to get you into the wedding dress." My mother said and soon I was in my room wearing a beautiful silk like gown with white lace roses on it and I absolutely loved it.

It was so beautiful to be honest. "You look so beautiful sweetie, Isaac is going to be so lucky to have a girl like you." My mother said with a wide smile on her face. And then came the shoes, the make-up and lastly the hair which was done in a beautiful braid.

It all happened so fast. We were outside at the pack house which had a makeshift wedding arch covered in flowers. The pack was there, and my parents, my mother sitting next to Danielle looking so happy that her son was getting married. I couldn't help the smile on my face.

My dad walked me down the aisle that was covered in flower petals before I was in front of Isaac. Isaac, the love of my life, my werewolf, my mate. Something I had only recently discovered, but it was engraved into my mind as I stared into his black eyes.

He wore a black suit and a black tie with a smile on his face as he held my hands. He wore a golden band on his ring finger and I couldn't help the smile. It was my big day like my mother had said it was. I was getting married to Isaac Ashford.

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