:Chapter 15:

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Lore left after a bit of more explaining with the promise of coming back over tomorrow. She even gave me a kiss on the cheek before she left and a firm hug with her pressed to me, loving the warmth in her.

'Leaving her isn't something I want to do. But her mom wants her back at home. We really need to get this marking process done.' That I could agree with, but I had to get Lore to agree to it before I went and marked her out of nowhere.

Sure she knew I was a werewolf, but I wanted her to want the mark. Not to be afraid of me because I forced a mark on her. So I needed to get her to want the mark preferably before the three weeks had ended. Now to work on getting her to want that.

"So how did it go?" Isadora asked coming out and I turned to her. "Better than I thought it would. I told her everything, she is a bit spooked." I told Isadora. 'I wouldn't blame her though. I would be too if I was in her position as well.' I nodded.

"Even the whole she's on the reaping list?" Isadora asked and of course I nodded at that. "And she was terrified, but I promised her I wouldn't let her die. Now I have to mark her and give her something special." I told Isadora who nodded at that.

"I know you can do it Isaac, you'll save her." Isadora said leaning forward and giving me a hug making me smile at that. "Maybe you should tell Darcy, gives you guys a head start." I told her and Isadora went quiet at that, thinking about it without a doubt in my mind.

'Because now she is wondering if she should do it, and I personally believe she should.' It would do Isadora some good. I smiled at Isadora just as there was a knock at the door and my mother went to go get it and opened the door up and Darcy and Della walked in.

Isadora looked quite surprised. "Hey what are you two doing here?" My mother asked. "Della and I came to hang out, mom and dad went out and being at the house is boring." Darcy said with a nod. Della looked at her boots that she was wearing before they came in.

"Go get him." I told her slightly pushing her with a big grin on my face. 'She needs to just go in and do everything quite fast.' I smiled. Running a hand through my hair I slightly pushed her forward and Isadora looked back over at me.

"Go on." I told her pushing her forward and Isadora looked at me and then back at Darcy who was standing next to Della. The two were always a sight next to each other considering that the two of them were identical twins, the only difference being hair length and sex.

And of course eye color. Della with her long black hair and blue undertones and Darcy with the same. Same facial features, except Darcy has light blue eyes and Della silver-blue eyes. 'That is the only difference between them that isn't to due with their sex.' I nodded at that.

Darcy was the more docile one. With his wolf sweater and black pants and his Vans with a soft smile on his face. Compared to Della with her leather skirt and fishnets, and a wolf shirt and her boots with the heel in it. She always dressed more gothic compared to Darcy.

'As well as showing off more skin. You see Isabella is pretty but she doesn't really know it. Della knows it and uses it quite well.' Della was a mastermind for sure. Isadora looked at me and I gave her a nice reassuring smile before gently pushing her forward and she grinned.

And then Isadora went over as Della went into the kitchen and Isadora came back over with Darcy following her. Looking quite naïve and innocent unaware of what he was about to be told. What he was about to be told was something that was going to change his life.

He was about to be told he had a mate. 'Well he would have a mate anyway. But he gets to find out at a young age on who his mate is. I wonder if Kadan is going to threaten bodily harm to him?' 'Well Darcy isn't a bad kid so I don't know why.'

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