Chapter 8

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-Caspar's POV-

The phone rang, breaking me from the daze I had been in for hours. I was going through phases of flashbacks and mixed feelings all at once to the point where my mind was so shaken that my body couldn't move.

I considered ignoring the phone call, but a gut feeling told me it was important.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Is this Caspar Lee?" A very grown up male voice on the other side of the line asked.

"Yes." I said slowly, knowing instantly something was wrong.

"We have your friend Joe Sugg in the hospital at the moment. His family is here now, and his sister asked that we tell you of what happened. He has severe injuries from what we suspect to be a hate crime. He's in shock right now. He's alive and going to make it. He's suffered brain damage though."

I laughed, "Haha you're funny. This is a sick prank." I was smiling but tears were streaming down my face. It's a joke, it had to be. Joe was at home the whole time. It must be a misunderstanding. Must be.

"I'm afraid not, Sir." The male voice seemed appalled at my reaction, he gave me the name of the hospital and hung up.

The only sound on the phone was a rhythmic beeping, but still I screamed, "YOU FUCKING LIAR. JOE SUGG IS FINE! SOMETHING LIKE THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN TO JOE! LIAR!"

I collapsed to the floor, shaking in tears. Because I knew it wasn't a prank. And I knew he wasn't lying.

I went out to my car, and drove to the hospital that the male voice had told me. My vision was blurred by the tears but somehow I was able to make it to the hospital safely.
I ran in, "JOE SUGG. Where is Joe?" I screamed at the woman sitting behind a desk typing. She looked up and smiled at me as if I hadn't just yelled at her.

"Are you family? We cannot permit anyone outside of the family to enter the room currently."

Damn. I was the worst liar so I figured I might as well not even try. I opened my mouth to speak when I was cut off.

"Hes family." I heard a familiar voice say and I turned. Zoe. The tears that had stopped for a while came rushing back.

Zoe hugged me, my tears soaking her shirt, and vice versa.

"He's gonna be okay Caspar." Her voice didnt seem all that confident though.

"I need to see him." I wasn't going to give up. This was important. I had to seem him.

"I don't think you'll want to see him like this."

"I don't care how bad he looks. I just. I need to see him."

Zoe looked concerned but she nodded. And lead me to his hospital room.

The door was open and Zoe walked in but I hesitated to follow. I was scared. But I had to go in. For Joe.

I stepped inside and immediately stepped back out. My stomach turned, and I had to hold in my breathing so I didn't throw up right there. I had never take the sight of blood easily and seeing it on Joe broke me. Joe always seemed, almost superhuman in my eyes. Of course he got minor scratches and what not. But I never thought he'd get severely damaged. The thought of him dying was so crazy I wouldn't let it enter my mind. But reality broke that and reminded me that Joe was just as human as the rest of us. And that scares me more than anything. Knowing that Joe is breakable too.

Even his face wasn't his anymore. I mean, of course it was HIS. But it didn't look the same. It wasn't the same Joe face. His eyes were black and swollen, his mouth twisted and deformed. I fell to my knees and cried loud. People in the halls stopped and stated but I didn't care. Joe wasn't Joe. His body was twisted and broken. His skin sheet white.

Zoe came out of the room and sat next to me, wrapping her arms around my shoulders.

"He'll be okay." She said reassuringly.

"How can you be so sure? How did this even happen?" I asked, wondering after I asked if I even wanted to know.

"Well we aren't completely sure. We've only figured out a very small piece in the very large puzzle. We've been more focused on Joe and making sure he's alright."

I nodded.

"They... They think it was a hate crime." Zoe said, her eyes glazing over with tears.

"A... Hate crime? What kind of hate?" I asked.

Zoe's voice fell to a hushed whisper, "For what they thought was his sexuality."

"You mean... They thought he was gay? So they beat the living daylight out of him?" I asked, sadness, confusion, and anger towards whoever did it filling my mind.

"Like I said, were not sure of the details." Zoe said, and I immediately felt bad. Here I was making Zoe comfort me when she was his SISTER. I couldn't even imagine what she was feeling. Well I mean I could, because I cared about Joe more than words could say. But a family relationship is different.

It was my turn to wrap my arms around Zoe, and it wasn't until I did that I realized how weak she was. She seemed so strong comforting me ad holding up. But she was weak and breaking and she needed someone to be there for her too.

"I'm here for you." I whispered into her ear.

"Nothing will ever be the same, will it?" She asked, her voice shaky.

"Probably not." I couldn't lie.

"Caspar?" Zoe said, looking at me.


"You're a good guy. I'm glad Joe has you in his life. Please don't leave him. He needs you."

I only nodded at her, knowing that if I spoke again I'd only collapse into tears again.

Her words circled in my head.
He needs me. He needs me. He needs ME.

No. That's wrong. I need him.

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