9 ~ Fun Sponge

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A/N: What u are wearing.  ^ and honestly don't even know what this chapter was.  But ya know what it's an update.

"... I feel so uncomfortable. " I stated as I walked into the club pulling at the hem of the dress to cover more skin.

"Awe.. Don't be a Debby downer. " Ashido giggled. "You look hot."

"Don't lie to a friend.  It's not nice. " I rolled my eyes,  still tugging at the hem of my skirt.

"She's not lying, you good.  Now let's go on the dance floor.  " Jirou said as she dragged me in the direction of the crowed dance floor

"I'll be back.  I'm gonna go request some songs." Jirou said.

"This really isn't my thing." I said as I awkwardly danced to the beat of the loud music.

"Awe! come on this is fun!" Mina giggled as she gracefully moved to the music.

"Mina,  this isn't really my scene. " I sweat dropped.

"I know but still.  Some human interaction can benefit you. So can some normal college student fun. " She bumped her hip with mine making me stumble a bit.

"That's just stereotyping things, Mina." I rolled my eyes.

"Whatever wanna go get some drinks? " She let out a giggle and dragged me to the bar

"Fine." I sighed letting her drag me towards the bar.

Once we got there,  I took out my phone opening Snapchat. I then went to thechat™


S A V E  M E

I felt a tap on the shoulder; It was Mina. "Hey, what do you want to drink? " She asked. 

"Um.. Soda's fine. Thanks. " I answered as I put my phone back in my purse.

"Hah!  To chicken to have a big kid drink?!" She smirked at me.

"No, I just don't really see the point. " I shrugged.

"The point is to have fun or drown your sorrows out with alcohol." She explained in a "duh" tone.

"Whatever that's your opinion. " I rolled my eyes.

"Your such a fun sponge sometimes. " She giggled.

"I'm not that bad. " I argued.


"I'm not!"

"Yup, okay. "

"Hey,  I'm back. " Jirou said taking a seat at the stool next to me on my right.

"Jirou is [F/N] a fun sponge? " Mina asked as I huffed in annoyance.

"Yeah,  why?" She asked nonchalantly and I gave a confused look.

"Because she thinks she isn't. " Mina pointed her thumb in my direction.

"Well,  [F/N] I mean this in the nicest way possible.  Your couch potato personality can definitely be a downer sometimes." Jirou placed a hand on my shoulder to comfort me.

"Man that hurts you guys. " I say.

"We're your friends we're supposed to be honest with each other. " Mina gives a comforting smile.

"Now let's try to have fun y'all!!!!" Mina cheers as she downs one of her vodka shots.

And so the rest of the night went on.



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