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Despite the recovery being very hard for Alex and Ryan, the mood in the Royal Family was uplifted. Chara took Cameron's mental health under her wing and they would talk for hours, but unlike Mike, Chara could give him advice and wasn't suffering because of the information stored in her brain. She had also allowed him to take out all his temper on her, be it though cursing and shouting or through crying. This way or another, it was working, and it meant that it was good.
Ryan was adapting perfectly in the family, and was getting attached more and more to the others. The only person he didn't spend time with was Alex, who barely left the room due to his illness. It didn't mean that he was being bored and boring in there.
One night Cameron woke up because of a nightmare and automatically with him jolted awake Chara, Mike and Asriel. Like every other time he got a nightmare, he would sit on his bed with a nightlight and sip tea to calm down. While he was sitting like that with the other children who developed desire for tea after seeing him drinking, Alex suddenly sat up on his bed, looking at them with his grave expression. The children stopped breathing, waiting for something to happen. Alex raised his finger, as if he was to say something sage, and declared with the most serious voice he had:

-I want to sleep in a kiwi.-

He dropped back to his pillow and continued sleeping like nothing happened. All of the other kids had tea spraying out of their noses. Although it was just Alex's mind's reaction to the amount of medicines he had to take and to the high fever, it was too random to ignore. It took them at least an hour to stop laughing and to finish the tea before they could get back to sleep. While falling asleep, they heard Alex mumble again:

-Gymnasts can bite nails on their toes...-

Now it was Mike to have nightmares and in the morning he complained that he kept seeing images of toe nails disguised as food. Alex was shook awake, but he remembered nothing of his wise words. Of course after what Mike told about his nightmare, nobody had too much appetite throughout the day, and even took Toriel's manicure set and cut all of their nails short, as if they weren't short already.
After this funny incident, Alex was starting to force himself to get out of the bed since he was sure that it affected his mind too much. He finally decided that it was time to start communicating with Ryan.
The thing Ryan was fascinated by more than monsters was... Hair. Specifically long hair on guys. After Alex began spending time with him, he couldn't let go of his long golden curls. When it wasn't for Alex, Cameron's chocolate brown hair became the victim. And when both brothers were away from the only place Ryan entirely commandeered- The couch -, it was Asriel who suffered, especially his long ears. Ryan even tied them up into a bun, and another time into a bow. After Ryan discovered the magic of Asriel's ears, the scrunches of the long-haired humans disappeared.

-What am I supposed to gather this bush with?-

Alex was growling angrily after he flipped the chiffonier. It was surprising how anger magically made him feel better, but now he had the headaches back. The chiffonier was now literally upside down and Cameron was creeping on the floor like a worm, looking for any scrunches while Chara was flipping the wardrobe. Suddenly the door opened and there stood Asriel, his ears tied in all possible shapes with the lost scrunches.

-I didn't know you will destroy the room for those?-

He said as he tried to separate his ears. The chiffonier was put back in place and Alex tapped on it, demanding to have the only things he had to control his hair back.

-Why did you even need it!?-

Cameron asked while he and Chara tried to tear Asriel's ears from their cage.

-Ryan was playing with my ears so I wanted to see what he can do...-

-Asriel. You are an idiot.-

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