Chapter 7

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-Joe's POV- (WARNING THIS CHAPTER CONTAINS LANGUAGE THAT IS OFFENSIVE. It is just to add dramatic effect to the story and is not meant to hurt anyone outside of the fictional interpretations of characters in the story
please also take note there is violence in this chapter. You can skip the rest of the chapter after the "-" appears when Joe walks out. If you skip it things will be explained next chapter or so.)

"Garold?" I asked Grant, feeling extremely confused.

Grant deeply breathed in, "You didn't tell me your roommate was Caspar."

"Well you literally never mentioned his name before! What's the relationship between you two anyway? And what is with the Garold shit?" I asked anger bubbling inside of me, but mostly confusion.

Grant looked truly sad. I regretted yelling at him and considered apologizing and telling him he didn't have to tell me anything. But the more confused part of me in my brain stopped me from saying anything.

"My name was Garold before I met you. Or rather, my real name is actually Garold. But I always hated it and I had started calling myself Grant a couple months before I met you. As for what happened with Caspar, I can't tell you until Caspar says I can." His voice was soft. I was surprised, because his voice was usually loud, and somewhat annoying.

"Well fine. Lets go ask him now." I said sternly.

"That's probably not a good idea-" Grant- or rather Garold said in the same soft voice.

"Let's GO." I hated this part of me. The part that was so curious. I hated not knowing things. I hated not understanding.

Garold didn't say another word, but he followed behind me as I walked to Caspar's room.

I opened the door to Caspar's room without knocking. Half of me guessed he was crying, the other half assumed he was on twitter.

I was surprised to see he was doing neither. I mean, his face was obviously tear streaked but he was no longer crying. He didnt even look up at me when I walked in, he just had a distant look in his eyes as he sat still, not moving.

Garold cleared his throat and I turned to face him.

"C-Caspar?" He paused but Caspar said nothing, "Can I tell Joe?"

When Caspar spoke only his lips moved, every other limb in his body remained still, "Do whatever you want." It was the first time I had seen Caspar like this. He was always full of energy and emotion. He could never sit still, the only time he moved less was when he was sleeping. Something big had happened between him and Grant. Shit I mean Garold. And I was dying to know. But seeing how whatever had happened was making Caspar act made me stop and wonder if I actually did want to know. If I would be able to take it.

Garold opened his mouth to speak but I stopped him.

"Never mind. I don't want to get involved." As the words slipped from my mouth I was half regretful and half relieved.

"Good choice." Was all Garold said. Caspar remained still.

Seeing Caspar like that scared me, so I was happy to quickly exit his room. For some reason it took a lot of mental strength for me not to break down on the floor and cry. Why I was upset, I wasn't sure of myself. All I knew was I needed to get out of the house. And now.

I started walking and I felt Garold catching up to me, a few steps behind.

"Garold. I think you need to find somewhere else to stay." I said, looking him dead in the eye.

He nodded, "That would be best."

I watched but didn't help him pick up his bags as he walked out the door.

Garold was gone but the swarming feelings he left behind still lingered. My head pounded in pain, and I put a hand to my head as I stepped out the front door.

A wave of fresh air hit my face, which immediately calmed me down. I still couldn't figure out why I was still so heated about the incident when I wasn't even involved.

The image of Caspar completely still burned into my memory. I looked around and saw no sign of Garold. Good.

I placed one foot in front of the other foot and repeated the action. Where Im walking? I'm not sure myself. All I know is I need a break from that apartment right now.


I had been waking for a while, looking at only the ground, so when I finally looked up I was completely unaware of where I was. It was already getting dark and I had never been to this side of town before. The street lights turned on, and I realized I was the only one on the road. It was both scary and comforting.

"There a faggot is now." I heard a raspy voice mutter somewhere in the near distance.

Shit. That voice must have been talking about me I was the only other one on the street. I still couldn't see the source of the voice though. I considered running but I had been walking all day and my feet were sore and blistered. I had forgotten to put shoes on. And I was just realizing that now.

A black Jeep appeared in front of me suddenly. Shitshitshit. Of course this would happen to me.

The Jeep pulled over, and a group of four men all hopped out. They wore identical thin black jackets with the sleeves torn off to reveal the many tattoos that ran up and down their arms.

I spun around, and starting running the other way. I had run for probably five seconds when I felt an extremely heavy weight crash ontop of me my face buried into the cement.

"Get up, fag." I felt my hair being pulled, and my head painfully followed it. I was on my knees, which were cut open and bleeding from the fall.

"Please. Please don't do this." I knew I didn't have enough strength to run away and there would be no way I'd be able to fight back against these guys so the last option I had was to plead with them.

"He talks even gayer than he looks." One of the men said.

"Let's see if he screams like one." Said a man next to him, whose muscles were much bigger.

I bit my lip, willing myself not to scream. I felt a palm forcefully hit my cheek, as my neck snapped painfully to the side, blood spilling from my mouth. Luckily I didn't scream.

"Look, the fag thinks he's tough by not screaming out." One said, and slapped me straight across the eyes. My eyes swelled to the point where I could barely see. I feared I might go blind.

A split second later the pain followed, and I couldn't stop the tears that spilled from my eyes.

"Ew. The thing is crying." I heard a voice from someone who sounded younger say. I tried to see who it was but before I could I felt one of their boots make contact with my gut.

I screamed out louder, and coughed more blood onto the street.

This would be how I die. Helpless and weak at night. Would the police even find my body? Would they even find out who did this to me?

I wasn't allowed to continue thinking and I felt a huge blow to the head.

My body felt as if it was falling in slow motion as I was growing closer and closer to the cement again. And just before my head hit the grey street everything faded black.

- A/N Soo sorry if this chapter seemed too violent or offensive. I just figured it was time to stir up the story a bit. Please don't hate me><

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